Restoration starts
Monday March 27th 1978.
All day removing the body. 2 right hand middle were not removable also 2 right hand mid body and two rear non removable. I had great trouble with the front right hand guard bolt and had to drill it out.
I cleaned the oil filter, and oil filler pipe and was completed by 7.00 pm with the help of John. The steering wheel was not yet removed and the last job was to strip hjand brake cable but lost the new one. Ordered replacement.

Tuesday 28th March.
Removed steering wheel but although I had got some bolt cutters from work I couldn't get in to exert enough pressure.

Thursday 30th March.
Collected new screen from Mike Beckett and bought new petrol tank from Ken Hart.


Friday 31st March.

Dave, Dek and myself lifted the body from the jeep, when lifted the body fell in half. Started clean up of chassis and rust proofed the screen old and new.

Saturday 1st April.
Started the engine and gearbox clean down, a very long job. Used gunk at first but no real good. Then used old petrol which was much better. Bill Stanley called so did John and all "mucked in". I then cut up the old body for ease of transportation.

Sunday 2nd April.
Continued cleaning the engine and removed handbrake assembly fro the prop shaft. Cleaned rear dif assembly and sprayed part of the frame. 10.30 to 6.30








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