Covers acting casting and the arts. Sites for writes are also covered as are magic tricks, clowns and the Tarot. The site is more entertainment for entertainers where as the other sites cover music, hobbies etc. in a more general basis.

I am always interested in new sites in this field, if you know of any please send me  the details.

  • The Actors Centre North-East.  Originally part of the London based network of Actors Centres, The Actors Centre in Newcastle became an independent organization six years ago.
    Since its re-launch, the Centre has striven to provide a focus for the region's professional performers, where they can develop and enhance their skills. Although the North-East has produced many fine actors over the years, and the level of activity in both theatre and media has been considerable, the majority of the region's actors have not been trained in the formal sense.
    In an industry which is changing as fast as today's entertainment industry it is essential that the skills of performers are constantly upgraded, to better serve the requirements of broadcasters and theatre producers.
    There is an excellent (members only) casting section here and if you want to visit my CV page then its here>>
  • Casting Call Pro the online casting call one-stop for actors, presenters, agents and casting professionals. Whether you work in theatre, radio, corporates or television and film, Casting Call Pro (UK) is here to help. With 5,000 industry professional on our system we really are the central point for the UK acting community, listing the very latest acting jobs, auditions and casting calls. 
  • Auditions UK Auditions UK is a unique and exciting new service for people just like you wanting to break into the world of TV and films as an 'extra' (background artist), actor or actress. No experience is needed - just ambition!
  • Shooting People casting: Shooting People is a unique film making service. Made for you and by you, it is a dynamic community of over 17,000 members. This online network brings together people from all over the UK to get their films developed, created and distributed. If you are working in independent film, particularly if your projects are low to no budget, Shooting People connects you with other members to get the things you need - from developing your scripts, finding crew members and post production deals, through to commissioning composers and getting up-to-date legal, festival and funding information. We deliver three daily email networks covering general film making, screenwriting and casting in the UK and all are free to join
  • Equity This is the main site for British actors equity, the union for all actors.
  • Free CR is a free UK casting report. A good site to visit for out of work actors.
  • Showbiz casting is an excellent on-line casting directory. A good start for auditions here. The Actors centre has all details.
  • Dialects are often the hardest part of acting. Thanks to a new site from the British Library recordings from 1950 and more recently are now available via the Internet. This is a great site overall with much more to offer when you browse. Its home is here>>
  • PCR: Who reads PCR? Professional members of the industry - Actors, agents, technicians, producers, directors, production companies, costumiers, location caterers, animal trainers, script services et al - anyone and everyone working in the entertainment industry.
  • The Writers Room: The New Writing Initiative runs various schemes targeting specific writers who come to our notice via a wide range of sources: the unsolicited script system, agents, play readings, contacts with theatres, film schools and so on. We rarely invite open submissions for these schemes
  • Writers help desk Our mission is to equip aspiring writers or authors with the tools and resources necessary to self-publish their books or to get their books published.
  • Writing 2 sell Are you writing to sell? Perhaps the secret of publicationis not in writing better, but writing smarter!
  • Karleen Bradford has put together some suggestions here for help on problems that all writers come up against. For example "how to write a query letter, "how to overcome writers block" "potting the story" "themes" and much more. This is a gem of a site for writers to get their first story off the blocks.
  • Word Mage is an excellent forum for writers. This enables you to swap ideas with fellow writers.
  • Castus: A casting site with some good links.
  • E-Media-C: This is a relatively new casting site run by Gareth Hunt. You can register your details at a cost and then you entry can have video as well as a number of photographs. It would seem to be a good area for casting agents because of this extra content.
  • UK Film and screen is a unique way of promoting film makers, crew, actors, media companies, and musicians. UK-screen enables members to instantly broadcast music and films from their own desktop and create online web pages with photos, showreels, CV's and many other features in minutes. UK-screen is the only one stop centre for film and music making; from casting, networking and crewing to broadcasting and distribution. And it's All FREE.
  •  IMDB Internet Movie Database is not only an encyclopaedia for film fanatics, but it is now a casting arena for actors.
    For immediate answers to the most commonly asked questions about IMDb, please use select one of the help topics listed or type in keywords related to the information you are seeking in the search box on the right. If your specific problem isn't addressed by our online answers, you will also be able to contact our support staff through the Feedback link found at the bottom of most help pages. My page is here>>
  • Magic Secrets Basement: The site owner created this course (formerly known as The Interactive Magic Course or IMC), to give people the basic information needed to start on magic. The objective of the course is not to reveal tricks, but to help you learn the art of magic. Magic is great as a hobby, as well as professionally. The information you will find on this pages, are the building blocks of magic. You'll learn basic techniques that you can use to create your own tricks, and variations to existing ones, after all, that's the whole point of magic, to be creative.
  • The coin and purse: Primarily a site to help with magic tricks using coins and purse. Very good in the field and very interesting.
  • Magicland: This is a website devoted to providing resources to magicians from all walks of life. Magic welcomes beginners to magic and invites them to enter our Beginner Section and advance their skills. For the experienced magicians, Magic Land has the Magician Section where you can converse with other magicians, and learn new effects. We are not only a resource site, as we have Online Magic which is a collection of magic tricks that you can view over you computer. 
  • Axtell Expressions: Learn to be a Ventriloquist. All the tricks and any items you need to become the Ventriloquist of the decade. An unusual site but expert in its field.
  • Read the Tarot: A course on how to read the tarot cards. The tarot is a deck of 78 picture cards that has been used for centuries to reveal hidden truths. In the past few years, interest in the tarot has grown tremendously. More and more people are seeking ways to blend inner and outer realities so they can live their lives more creatively. They have discovered in the tarot a powerful tool for personal growth and insight. If you're curious, then read on 
  • Lunar Chart Reading: We all know that there are good days and bad days. How helpful would it be to know your best times in advance? This is what Panchang does for you.
  • Psychic Stunts Magic tricks to learn and try out. The site also sells other items and has some good links. A very interesting site to visit.

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