Games and game resources. Here you will find help, cheats and downloads for the popular games plus fan sites and on-line gaming sites. This is a huge area so additional sites are always welcome. If you have any favourites please send me  the details.


  • Adrenalin Vault: Another good site with  something for all here with reviews, cheats, demos and information on games and general software.
  • All Game Guide: Like its brothers " All Movie Guide  and All Music search" this site searches for games and also gives playing details and reviews.
  • Blues News: This is a news site that covers all the new information on games and gaming. A well featured site.
  • Barry's World:  On line gaming and more. This site is back and is just as good as ever.
  • Cheat code Central At Cheat Code Central Platinum you get tons of hot new codes weeks and even months before they are available here or anywhere else in the world. For instance, we have just added a ton of hot new codes
  • Code Junkies: The official site for the commercial game saver hardware called Action Replay. They send out e-mails under the title of Code junkies and offer great help in solving game related problems.
  • Demo Planet: Here are all the best game demo's to download so you can try the latest games before you buy.
  • Daily Radar: This is a games news site from future publishing. A good source of up-to-date information.
  • Electrotank: At Electrotank we provide a place where game players can go to find killer web based games. Our developers optimize game media to ensure low file size for quick downloads and account for many OS platforms to avoid most technical issues. We strive to continue setting the bar for web based gaming by using the latest technologies in every aspect of Macromedia Flash game development.
  • Emulator zone offers console emulators for just about every make of game console. Mamefan offers an emulator rom.
  • E-D products offer hardware products for the ultimate gaming experience. 3D spectacles, Gamers chair, Wireless joysticks etc. A great site offering reasonably prices accessories that really do make a difference.
  • Freeloader:  Welcome to the all new freeloader! As well as loads of free games, here you can download some of the best games ever made straight to your desktop to play whenever you like! Hidden and Dangerous, GTA2, Creatures and Airport inc. amongst many others
  • Flip Side is a leader in Online Games and Game Shows, consists of, an online site that targets unique users and advertisers with specific channel offerings, including Uproar, iwin, and Virtual Vegas. The Flipside Network has almost 20 million registered members and attracts over seven million unique users monthly.
    Uproar: Multi-player games, community areas, and online versions of popular television game shows like Family Feud, To Tell the Truth, Name that Tune, and Match Game attract females looking to take a break and relax with friends and family.
    Iwin: Single-player games, competition areas, and content with an attitude attracts the female who's there to win… at any cost. Popular games on Flipside Network's iwin Channel include Bounce, Diamond Mine, and Alchemy.
    Virtual Vegas: Flipside Network's Virtual Vegas Channel brings all the fun, glamour, and excitement of the famous Strip into the homes of casino lovers everywhere. Where else can you go and risk it all… for free?



  • Game Workshops:  The site for war game enthusiasts. This includes Lord of the Rings. This is THE site for the War game community.
  •  Game Dex: is simply the web's leading search-engine and community for people who enjoy video games. We've been on the web since 1996 (under the name( PC GAME.COM), and we currently help over 600,000 individuals every month. We hope that you'll join us and be a daily visitor, and share your tips, cheats, reviews, and gripes!
  • Gamespot is another great games news site with reviews on all the latest games plus previews, demos and tips.
  • Games Domain is an excellent games site offering on-line gaming, cheats, demos and news.
  • Lost Jungle Internet gaming site. If you're bored, they hope to cure you.Take your time and look around, and return whenever you have time to kill.
  • Mega Games: There is something for all here with reviews, cheats, demos and information on games and general software.
  • Link world: Links for games hardware mp3 files etc. A great link site.
  • Phrozen Crew: This is the famous game cracking team. I cannot say anything other than this site was advertised in a documentary on television so if its on the box it must be ok to be here. There is also a crack link here that covers others.
  • Warlock Games offer some nice games that you can download onto your computer. An especially good one is gunner. This is a basic aerial combat game and it takes very little memory to run it.
Tomb Raider

  • Eidos Interactive: home of Tomb Raider and many excellent games. A good site for the latest on their own games.
  • TR Newswire is the source for first hand, independent, and interactive Tomb Raider news on the web. Working around the globe 24 hours a day in search for content, TR NEWSWIRE brings all Tomb Raider news to your desktop. All the news, all the time!
  • Tomb Raider . com This is a good site but it is spoilt by adverts raining down on your head. If you use the drop down menu though you can get some good content.
  • The Last Revelation: simply the best site for saves, walkthrough's, wallpaper, movies in fact a joy to visit.
  • Lemmings Compendium: If you love this game then this is the site for you. Full of walk trough's and tips it covers everything.
  • The Sims Resource now has a subscription area, which gives access to powerful sorting and searching tools within the databases, as well a slick new site design and ad banner and pop-up free browsing. This new section of the site is hosted on dedicated servers so that members can expect fast, reliable connections at all times.



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