As The Beatles were the first band I was interested in I have opened this page especially about them Even today 40 years on I still love the music they produced.

Here you will find a very small portion of the huge mount of sites dedicated to the Fab Four covering their music, track lists, and photographs. If you like The Beatles then this is for you.

  • Brennans Newsnet Beatles A marathon and indeed the very best Beatles site covering recordings, books etc. Lists and Essays. Their original records as released in the United Kingdom , the United States , Germany(Brennan). The UK list has recording dates, and the US list has a key to where the songs ended up on CD.

  • The Usenet Guide to Beatles Recording Variations VERSION 2 (Brennan). An in-depth guide to differences between mono and stereo, and so forth.

  • The Beatles' Hamburg Recordings (Brennan). A guide to the early appearances of the 1961 recordings made for Polydor.

  • Strawberry Fields Forever: Putting Together the Pieces (Brennan). How a complicated recording was made from two takes and many overdubs.

  • Songs the Beatles Didn't Do (Brennan). The songs written by Lennon-McCartney or Harrison during the Beatles years that were given to other artists... or to no one.

  • A modest proposal for better Red and Blue albums.
  • What Goes On (Weiss and Brown) is a guide to mistakes and odd sounds heard on recordings. Some of these things vary in different mixes, so they get into the Variations guide too. Variations lovers will want to check Across the Universe by Frank Daniels for more detail on US pressings, Capitol and otherwise. For links I suggest going to The Internet Beatles Album by Dave Haber, an excellent and long-running general Beatles page with lots of articles and pictures.
  • Rolling Stone has some superb Beatle pictures. You ca even view in "super size" so it really is a site to visit.
  • Beatles No1: This is an official site to launch the album of the same name. For such a huge band the site is not really exciting.
  • Beatle Zone:
  • Franks Meagre Beatles Page is a superb listing of all things Beatles. Record listings, values and other items are all here. It is a great and comprehensive site, definitely not MEAGRE!
  • Beatles Tracks The first Beatles song, Love Me Do, was recorded at EMI Abbey Road Studio 2 on September 11, 1962. The last time all four Beatles gathered together in the studio where they made history was on August 20, 1969, to supervise the Abbey Road mix and running order. The last Beatles recording session, with John missing, was on January 3, 1970, to record I Me Mine. Between 1962 and 1970, the Beatles released 221 individual tracks on 19 albums in the US (14 in the UK) and 39 singles (24 in the UK). There all here!
  • Beatles Photos is the site that enabled me to brigten up this page. They have pictures to sell and are a must in that catagory.


  • Harald Gernhardt's Beatles Page

  • The Liverpool Beatles Album

  • Michael's Beatles-Bootleg Trade Page

  • Abbeyrd's Beatles Page

  • All experts Beatles Q&A

  • Beatle

  • Beatles, Beatles, Beatles!

  • The Beatles Revolution

  • Bootleg Central

  • 9-Dream, a Beatle Tribute

  • Songs, Pictures, and Stories of the Beatles

  • There's A Place  a good site for mp3 bootlegs.

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