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For example if you want a Microsoft Driver, follow the Technical Support button to its index area then click on the Microsoft button to enter the specialist Microsoft area.
If you want to browse why not try the Computer History section. This is a web site on its own with new indexes and areas to visit.
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  Why not try my new page "Top Sites" that lists some of the more useful and interesting sites I have visited. This is of course my personal choice and will change as I see new sites to include.

I am always looking for new sites that will add to my enjoyment of the web and in turn yours. I will constantly add new places to visit as I find them, and add any you recommend via the feedback page
I am in the process of writing two "special sections" The first (the computer story) that is nearly completed and the second (the story of my jeep) has just been started.

I am continually working on a specialist section all about the history of computers.
As you must have a computer to be reading this page it may well be of interest just how it all began and who the key players have been. I think you may well be surprised!
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There has been a slight change to the opening of the site. As the new version of Internet Explorer will have built in "Pop-Up stopping" I have disabled the Pop-Up site list on my site.
If you want the information on the new sites as they are added then follow this link>>. The main sitemap is still here>>.  There is also a full listing of all the links on the site here>>

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* THANKS to Pete Murdie (who started me on this venture) Graham, Jackie,  Rob, and Gordon, all who helped at various stages of the work.

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Sites that specialise in technical support, drivers and trouble shooting. Many of the large manufacturers technical sites are here plus sites where you can find drivers to fix faults on hardware.  There is also a section on its own for Microsoft technical support. The tech support area is the most useful part of my site for computer and Internet users.
hobby sites cars world war II and music This area covers various hobbies such as cars and motor bikes , music and music downloading, games, World War II and Model making. The entertainment section covers acting sites like the Equity page and sites where you can learn various entertaining skills.
interesting sites of all kinds These sites are of a generally interesting nature. They should provide good stops on your internet browsing with areas such  as Radio stations, TV stations, mobile phones melodies, medical sites, local area and maps, acting, entertainment etc.
dragon models sixth scale sites all over the worls on this great hobby This is my only specialist area. I have been a modeller since my childhood making mainly second world war models. Over the years they have been built using balsa wood, plastic kits, resin kits and own made using all three mediums. Last year I discovered Dragon sixth scale models. Have a look and see what I mean.
Here you will find sites of a more educational nature with information on History, Languages, Encyclopaedias, Homework and many more. The history section is quite well covered as is the on-line encyclopaedia section. If you need answers then you will probably find them here.
web tools on the net Various sites covering all aspects of web design. HTML editors, counters. Sites offering free software and tutorials. There are scripts to download, tutorials and an especially large section on Macromedia software.
  Here are all the links to all the software I use. There are many sites that have excellent software available. Some free too! I have divided it into A and B software. The A section I use and need the sites for upgrading, and the B section covers other software that I have used or seen recommended. The main download sites are also covered here.
on line weather sites All the main on-line weather sites are here so the is no excuse now to go out and get soaked. This is a great set of sites as you will no longer have to wait until the end of the news to see what the day's weather will bring.
   Some general links not covered elsewhere such as newspapers, sports and reference sites. This will be an easy site for me to add links so please keep coming back to this one.
There are literally hundreds of Internet providers (ISP's) however if they are here they're o.k. The Net4nowt site has a full  rating section for ISP's so you can make your mind up before you join. The large companies are here plus some of the small ones so if you have a recommendation then let me know>>
  Newsgroups are still an excellent way to get information from the web. Rather than use the groups supplied by your ISP. here are some of the better independent newsgroup providers. If you have not seen newsgroups then you don't know what you have missed.

Logo Girl was my first mascot way back in 1994. For those who miss logo-girl she's moved here.




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