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  • AnandTech - Hardware analysis and news. Search for articles or for user posts on the forums. Searches for articles by default
  • Astalavista - Search Astalavista for software cracks and patches.
    Example : arin
  • Borland Newsgroups - Search the Borland Newsgroup Database. Results are sorted by rank and article.
  • CNET - Search CNET's shareware archive for Windows software. (By the way, it wouldn't hurt if you felt like posting a positive review of this product there.)
  • - Perform a wide variety of DNS lookups.
    dns /rep
    dns /whois
  • Foldoc - Free On-Line dictionary of computing.
  • GeekTools Whois - Whois service by GeekTools. Searches can be done by IP or domain name
  • GeoPinpoint - Get a Physical Location to an IP address. Examples:pinp
  • - Search for code snippets in a multitude of programming languages. Searches all languages by default.
Linux man pages - Search Linux man pages.
Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) - Search for articles on the MSDN.
Microsoft Discussion List Archive - Search the archive
Microsoft Knowledge Base - Search the Microsoft Knowledge Base using either a regular search expression or a 6-digit "Q" code.
MySQL Reference - Lookup on
O' Search - Search O' for articles, books, etc.
Example:/all [default]
/art - Search for software.
PC Magazine - Search the PC Magazine archives.
PHP Reference - Lookup on
Rex Swain's HTTP Viewer - See exactly what an HTTP request returns to your browser.
RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives - Internet RFC/STD/FYI/BCP Archives
Sam Spade Whois Utility - Check internet addresses using - Search or go to open source projects on - SQL server reference search.
TechWeb Encyclopedia - TechEncyclopedia More than 20,000 IT terms
The File Extension Source - Lookup the meaning of Windows/DOS file extensions.
Tom's Hardware - Search Articles at Tom's - Search the tweak database on
Uniplus DNS - Dig on a DNS address
Virus Bulletin - Independent Anti-Virus Advice.
vir klez

Webmonkey - Webmonkey search.
Webopedia - Seach the weboopedia for technical terms and links
WebPerform Webpoll - Webpoll displays a graph illustrating the timings of the objects on a web page.
What's This Site Running? - Check Netcraft's "Whats this site running?" HTTPD database for a specific web site to get information on a web server. - Definitions for IT-related words Example: whatis 42
WHOIS Domain Lookup - Use to lookup domain contact and DNS server information.
Example: whois
WhoIs.Userland.Com - Get whois information from WhoIs.Userland.Com

Windows Guide Network - Search Windows Guide Network for technical resources and support to tweak, manage and secure the Windows operating system.

WotSit's File Format Reference - Search WotSit's Format - Programmers File Format Reference.

ZDNet Downloads - Search Ziff-Davis Net for software. Searches for Windows software by default.
Example: zdn quicktime /mac




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