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Dave's desk bar lets you launch searches from the Windows Explorer Taskbar. For the latest version and installation instructions, visit the DQSD Home Page or check the FAQ.

If you're feeling lucky, go directly to Google's first hit using an exclamation point: "Crest toothpaste!"

  • Look up phone numbers and email by using # and @, respectively: "Piper Smith (Ithaca, NY)#", "Bob Jones@"

  • Load a web page by typing in the URL: "www.microsoft.com".

  • Translate between English and other languages (en, zh, fr, de, it, ja, ko, pt, es): "some words en-es".
    Or translate entire web pages: "www.apple.com en-fr"

  • Convert between currencies: "100 usd>gbp"

  • Mathematical expressions: "4*(pi-3)", "pow(1.06,30)"

  • Navigate previous searches with ctrl-P and ctrl-N or the Up/Down arrows.. Type "!prefix" to see only matching entries.

  • A clock appears after when idle. Right-click for a calendar.

  • Switches can be abbreviated: "at ram /S" is "at ram /subject".

  • Following are more query codes grouped by category. To disable a search uncheck the checkbox next to the search name.

This is a list of the search engines you can visit directly from Dave's desk search bar. This page is supplied as a far more detailed help page with the product itself.


If you want to make additions or improvements, please do. The deskbar is customizable and completely open-source.

Quick Key(s)


F1 Display menu
Ctrl-Enter Adds www. prefix and/or .com suffix to string if necessary and launches URL. Similar to the IE key-binding.
Shift-Enter Always opens a new window for the search regardless of the reuseWindowMode setting. This works only when IE is the default browser.
Ctrl-B, F8 Search back through the search history for the current text
Shift-Ctrl-B, Shift-F8 Search forward through the history for the current text
Win-S Make the search bar active (i.e., make it have the current focus)
Ctrl-P, Up Display previous search
Ctrl-N, Down Display next search
Shift [drag-n-drop] When dragging text to the search bar, if the shift key is held down when dropping the text the default search won't be automatically invoked.

Copyright (c) 2002 David Bau
Distributed under the terms of the
GNU Public License, Version 2



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