This is the area for software and software updates. This is the area I have found  very useful as all the major companies such as Norton, Sage, Adobe Creative etc. are here as well as companies such as Agent, Ontrack (Power desk), Jasc (Paint shop pro) Digital workshop (Power DVD) etc. This will give you direct access to the update pages and where applicable the support sites will be on the support pages here>>.


  • Aha Soft Icon tools of many kinds including Any-to-Icon a tool that creates icons from any bmp, gif or jpeg image. You can also create icons in the new Windows XP icons.
  • Addweb: This software will enable you to get high search engine placing.
  • Archie: Archie was the way to get files on the Internet. Now we use the download sites and programs like Copernic and Ferret.
  • Bios Wizard:  The BIOS Wizard is a simple and easy to use program that will examine and identify the BIOS and Chipset on your system. The results you get back after running the BIOS Wizard are then sent to their HQ and any bios upgrade can then be obtained. A great idea that saves a great deal of time.
  • Bleem: is the PC emulator for the play station.
  • Cache man: An excellent tool for managing your memory cache. Always recommended in the magazines.
  • Compass: Converts Explorer Favourites into Netscape Bookmarks and back the other way. V2.83
  • Catch-Up: This software will search your hard drive then search the web for updates. It is a quick way to do the job but not all software is covered.
  • Clean System: This program gives you secure file deletion, making sure that deleted files cannot be undeleted again. Deleting a file normally just removes the file's directory entry, but the data itself remains on the disk. This program completely eliminates the contents of deleted files. The highly acclaimed Gutmann disk cleaning method is now available as an option. This program can also clean the Window's swap file, and can optionally clean unneeded temporary files from your hard disk, such as your Internet browser cache, files in your system's Recycle Bin, and can clear the "recent files" list. Comes with a direct disk viewer for discovering exactly what is on your hard disk.
  • CD Trustee. Automatically catalogs your music collection, with no typing!  Save months of tedious work.  Just insert and remove each CD in your computer.  The artists, album and song titles, music genres and more are then gathered automatically and loaded into your own database, for easy access.  Quickly find any song or album.  Print reports to show friends your collection for trading.  Print jewel case inserts with song lists and cover images.  Keep track of loaned or borrowed albums, rate them, and keep lyrics and notes.  Stop buying duplicates, and have a list of your collection for insurance purposes.  Even organize your computer CDs,  cassettes, vinyl LPs, or other tapes and discs.  CD Trustee also plays CDs and identifies the album and songs playing. 
  • Cyberkit Internet Tools: CyberKit is a collection of network tools for Windows 9x/NT/2000/ME. The following tools are included: Ping, TraceRoute, Finger, WhoIs, Quote of the Day, NSLookUp, Time Synchronizer, PortScanner, NetInfo and MailChecker.
  • Fast File recovery: is a quick and effective way to recover data lost due to Fdisk, Format or deletion. Fast Fast File Recovery is a true 32 bit file recovery application. Recover lost directories and sub-directories with three clicks of your mouse. Runs in a Windows environment.
  • Ferret Soft: A software utility for searching the Internet in order to find something, fast. A superb product V4.0
  • Font Explorer: a new and revolutionary font management program. Need to find a perfect font for best friend's birthday card? Want to get a detailed overview of all the fonts installed on your system? Or find that font installation in Windows is too difficult for you? Want to print professionally designed sample sheets listing all your fonts? Font Explorer comes to the rescue. Designed for both beginners and professionals, this new font tool should find a place in every computer.
  • Gator: Automatically fills in forms on the Internet. It unfortunately also adds spyware to your system so use with caution.
  • Gozilla: This is the best tool for managing downloads. It will resume a download and manage the files. Version 4.0 is out but I am still a fan of V3.
  • Hot Metal Pro. Iis the most versatile Website development tool. Powerful, customizable and extensible, it has the power you need to quickly create great sites. With unrivaled editing, site management and publishing tools, HoT MetaL PRO 6.0 is the ultimate Website development environment
  • Instant Favourites: Instant Favorites gives you a whole new view of your favorites that's optimized for performance!  Even if you have thousands of favorites, you'll see them all instantly, automatically in Internet Explorer.
  • Kaylon Specializing in software navigation tools. Mp3 sorting and Bookmark sorting tools.
  • Karen's tools Welcome to Karen Kenworthy's web site. Karen is the author of the popular Power Tools, free programs that make life with Windows a lot easier.
    One such excellent tool is the Replicator here>> that backs up full or renewed files. Many good Power tools well worth a visit.
  • Memo Web: Find the content of a Web site exciting? Ask Memo Web to make you a private copy before the site disappears!
  • Music Match:  Play and copy music with this superb rival to Win Amp or Media Player.
  • Naviscope: A really superb tool for Internet surfing. Not only will it pre-fetch pages but it will also connect to Atomic clock and keep your PC's clock up to date. A most useful tool.
  • Netsonic: Net accelerator is a good piece of software that helps speed up your Internet connection.
  • Netscape: No introduction needed for thje first browser, and it can be found here. It is still up there with Explorer 6.0 and with the new interface it looks as good as well.
  • NT Access can replace the Admin password of your Windows NT, Windows 2000 or Windows XP system by rebooting your computer with a special set of boot disks. NTAccess will make these disks for you, it is easy and fast. This product is a must if you forgot the administrator password and cannot get into your machine anymore.
  • Opera: a browser with an array of new and improved features, including a completely new default user interface, skins, buttons and panels.
  • PC Anywhere: Symantec pc Anywhere™ 10.5 supports all 32-bit Windows operating systems, including Windows XP. It's the No.1 seller for fast, secure, and easy remote access. I use Laplink however my technical department swears by PC Anywhere.
  • Power Desk: Now there are two versions of Ontrack PowerDesk!  PowerDesk® 4 is a free download with no time or usage limits.  PowerDesk 4 Pro includes even more features and functions!  Both help you make Windows work the way you do!
  • ProtectX is our flagship product. It is a hacker protection system for your PC. Whilst loaded, it constantly monitors your PC on the specified ports, and if anyone tries to connect, you are notified by an alarm, and their IP address is logged. The user will then be disconnect from your computer. ProtectX can also trace malicious users Internet Service Provider, including address, phone number and e-mail. Logs can be created to send to your ISP if anyone attempts to hack into your system so that further action can be taken.
  • Ram Optimiser Have you noticed that your PC gets slower and slower. This is because RAM (random access memory). System resources are taken away by applications. Windows can be a real memory hog! It uses up lots of your memory and system resources. Ram Optimiser enables you to free this RAM.
  • Real Player: Is the best known Internet video streaming software. With Windows XP the re will be a real battle as this comes with a rival system built in. At the moment though Real Player offers excellent tool for the job. They do have annoying adverts and try to add software you don't want so be warned!
  • Roxio Many of us have a collection of music that pre-dates Madonna by at least ten years (sometimes much more). But it's on vinyl LPs, cassettes, or even reel-to-reel tapes, so we can only listen to it in the living room, where our trusty old turntables and tape decks reside. But, with Easy CD Creator Deluxe, if you want to listen to classic rock while driving to work, you no longer have to be a slave to the whims of the local disc jockey: you can move your old music onto CD and have it your way.

  • System Suite: Ontrack System Suite 4.0 is a comprehensive collection of essential PC utilities designed to maintain and protect your PC to keep it running just like the day you bought it. With Ontrack System Suite you can improve system performance, protect your system against viruses and from hackers, diagnose computer problems, recover lost data, and much, much more!
  • Top Style tap into the power of cascading style sheets (CSS) and XHTML with TopStyle Pro 3.0! Written by Nick Bradbury, creator of HomeSite, TopStyle Pro contains powerful tools for building standards-compliant sites.
  • Tor anonomiser. Tor is a toolset for a wide range of organizations and people that want to improve their safety and security on the Internet. Using Tor can help you anonymize web browsing and publishing, instant messaging, IRC, SSH, and other applications that use the TCP protocol. Tor also provides a platform on which software developers can build new applications with built-in anonymity, safety, and privacy features.
  • Thumbs Plus: The most effective, elegant and inexpensive way to locate, view, edit, print and organize your images, metafiles, fonts and movies. It will even build web pages for you. An excellent program for picture management.
  • Tweak All: A similar program to Tweak UI. Very good indeed.  Tweak All has been rated 6 out of 6 on NoNags and has also featured in numerous publications around the world. PC Answers magazine in the UK ran a round up of 200 of the top utilities on the internet, and out of these 200 gave Tweak All the accolade of saying "If you only install one piece of software from this entire list, make sure it's this".
  • Tweak I-3: Your ultimate Windows configuration tool. Set security, prohibit access to web sites, customize your Desktop, tweak Office, save operating system settings, manage startup applications, prevent companies from tracking your surfing habits --and much, much more! This latest version of Tweak I adds 250 additional tweaks for your Windows operating system --bringing the total to roughly 500!
  • Tweak Bios: Tired of your useless BIOS, that won't let you tweak your machine for maximum performance? Wishing you had a MR-BIOS, or even Award? This shareware program lets you tune your chipset, CPU and video card probably more than any 'real' BIOS. And using it is simple; you don't have to worry about 'flashing' your BIOS, you can run it from the DOS prompt! And you can change the settings on the fly! No need to reboot your machine!
  • Win DVD: WinDVD combines the best picture and sound with advanced features only possible on a PC - time stretching lets you watch movies faster with natural audio, thumbnail bookmarks to instantly find your favorite scenes, fully-adjustable zoom and pan, and much more.
  • Write DVD: DVD software first used by Panasonic on their DVD RAM drive. Now they have their own.
  • Word Tracker Some people's web sites achieve a top 10 placement in a major search engine and get plenty of traffic. Others do the same but get nothing. Why? Simple.
    The first group selected keywords that many people are searching on, and the second did not! Word Tracker helps you achieve this with a simple program.
  • WS FTP:  WS_FTP Pro is a file transfer application that is used to transfer files between your local PC and a remote FTP server. With WS_FTP Pro, you can connect to any FTP server and transfer files in either direction (upload or download). It is the perfect way to upload Web pages and images to the Internet. "One Stop" WS_FTP Pro Information Center where you can find answers to your questions on everything from installation and technical issues to features of WS_FTP Pro and pricing  WS_FTP Pro Interactive Transfer Tutorial - Walks you through connecting, downloading, modifying, and uploading an actual file using your WS_FTP Pro.  WS_FTP Pro Getting Started Guide for an introduction to FTP and an overview on how you use it  WS_FTP Pro User's Guide (HTML) - Easy to view product info. about WS_FTP ProWS_FTP Pro User's Guides (PDF) - Downloadable and printable product info. about WS_FTP Pro. WS_FTP Support Center
    A complete reference center for WS_FTP is a community site dedicated to FTP with helpful articles, in-depth guidebooks, and over 500 resources rated and reviewed by users of FTP. It shows you what you can do with WS_FTP and where to find good FTP sites.

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