This part of my site is to cover software sites of all kinds. I started it to give easy access to the programs I use so I could easily check for updated files. As it grew I added areas for shareware and download sites for shareware programs. I have found it very useful as all the major companies such as Norton, Sage, Adobe Creative etc. are here as well as companies such as Agent, Ontrack (Power desk), Jasc (Paint shop pro) Digital workshop (Power DVD) etc. This will give you direct access to the update pages and where applicable the support sites will be on the support pages here>>.

This is one of the most used areas for me as I am one of those people that needs the latest drivers or software updates. Its great to have them all in one place! If you have a favourite program or utility that you cant do without please send me  the details.

This is the software suppliers site that offers the program updates that I use. This is not to say its better software only an area that is most useful to me for my own file updates. Naturally as I use this software I also recommend it. All is useful and I could not operate without some of the programs in this section.
Here are the software suppliers sites that have software I no longer use or have never used. I will always add software sites to this section as I see reviews that are good. Its up to you to see whether or not it suits your needs.  If there are similar programs on the A-List then I have changed to them for some reason, usually I found the new program better to use. Some free programs start to come with tied in advertising and I find this a pain, hence I change. This is not to sat that the  software here is as good, it usually is excellent..  
This area covers the software download sites for shareware, freeware and main line software. There are some superb programs available here and the sites that are in the A and B lists often use the download sites to distribute their software. Take a browse through some of them you will be amaised by the variety and quantity available.

 This page was last updated on 20/09/05 2001