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Get the most from your internet and modem connection from sites that specialise in the subject. The main Internet Provider sites will also give you help with their own products and more information on them can be found here>>. 

Any new sites please send me  the details.


About the is the site to learn about the web Everything you wanted to know about the world wide web. FAQ's, Software, Help, History.  Discover free information about advertising, creating and promoting web sites, search engines, browsers, e-mail programs, newsgroups, great sites, affiliates, web surfing tips and avoiding scams. Its a great site if your a web head.
  •  is a good all round modem site. You get not only technical help but good offers and advice as well. This link will send you straight to the help section which in turn has some very good links to follow.

  • Modem is an excellent site offering modem strings, manuals and discussion groups on all things "modem".
  • DSL reports gives vast amounts  of information on DSL (American ADSL) It is set out like a news board and is definitely USA based. It is a good information site....
  • Bandwidthplace Speed Test is the site where your connection speed can be tested. This site gives some good information about this and other related subjects.

  • Modem site  Has extensive information on dial-up modems, and can help you troubleshoot and correct problems from installation to disconnects.

  • Modem Central  is the original It is everything for modems and modem help. There is a wealth of information on analogue modems here and an up to date news system.
  • v92 This site is dedicated to providing the modem-using public with the latest information on the V.92 and V.44 standards.
  • Broadband help is the site for broadband users (ADSL). It is an article based site with a great deal of information available. This is a good starting point for ADSL related subjects.

  • CNET Speed Test is famous for mall sorts of download and help sites. This one deals with speed of connection. It hasn't yet proved that accurate to me but regions vary.
  • ADSL help Here you will find all the latest news on ADSL (broadband) in the UK, ask questions and compare service providers based on our comments and those posted by users like you. Don't forget we need user participation in the message forums, so take part!
  • Broadband FAQ is an excellent tool for getting the best results from ADSL (broadband). The tool that does all the tweaks (DRTCP) here>>
  • Broadband Reports is the re-named DSL reports site. The site was registered in June 1999, after they discovered the web was a terrible place to get information on broadband availability. Their mission is to provide a great source of information on broadband.

Test your Security

more and more we are hacked by unknown people from around the world. Often it is just to test their own ability to enter your computer but sometimes it is more sinister. With the advent in the UK of ADSL (always on therefore always vulnerable) we are always open to hackers. These sites can test your system its security and and its firewall.
  • Shields Up has many programs for free download. Shields up itself will test if your computer is secure from hackers while you are on-line. This is a must if you have ADSL that has an open connection

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