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This area is devoted to sites that offer technical reviews on computer hardware.

This is a great area to start when looking for that new piece of hardware to build or upgrade your computer. Excellent tests of motherboards with unbiased benchmarking etc.



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  • 8 dimensional is a site that is primarily dedicated to reviews on Video cards. It really is very thorough and suggests that if you cant find a review here they will look into adding it. There are also game reviews and news as well. Checkout the Radeon 9800 here>>

  • Bjorn 3D  World was started in the end of 1996 when Bjorn Tidal bought his first 3D card. He got instantly hooked on 3D graphics and realized that there weren't many Rendition fan-sites around. The aim with the web-site is to continue to give you interesting NVIDIA news as well as bringing you articles, reviews and previews on both NVIDIA products and competitive products. Try this review on the Antec Sonata case for a sample.

  • Digit-Life Their main purpose is to give our visitors complete, objective and useful information on different digital devices. Such as personal computers, peripheral devices, digital photo and video cameras, different players, communications facilities and others. There is an excellent article on the 800 Front Side Bus  (FSB) here>>;

  • Digital Dailyy is an English-language version of the popular Russian web-project '3DNews'. We keep in touch with over 70 authors that come from many countries, and established direct contacts with leading international hi-tech companies. Check out the GA-8KNP review here>>

  • Driver Heaven Here you can find reviews, drivers, forums, news, bench tests and much much more. This is an excellent site and has a great review on the Radeon 9800 Pro here>>

  • MB Review is the home of the motherboard review database. Excellent for information for potential motherboard purchasers

  • Moddin This is our collection of computer modding reviews, guides and information. The site will be based upon the equipment we have and all the mods we do to it. We will also review all the new hardware we purchase and get sent by manufacturers. Feel free to add your own mods to the site so the rest of the worlds modders can find inspiration for their own designs. Black Gold TV Card is highlighted here>>



  • Pro cooling is a site that has its roots in computer cooling. Starting with the water coolers to the modern cool cases and slow running fans. A review on the excellent "silent" Antec Sonata is here>>

  • PC-Extreme is a site dedicated to overclocking. There are also many excellent reviews here.

  • Tech Spot TechSpot is a PC Enthusiast’s site and the forums constitute an integral part of the site, composed of passionate PC Users ranging from beginners to experienced users, gamers, technicians, etc. The golden rule that will keep you in good standing is respect. We encourage you to be yourself as long as you act with respect with the rest of your fellow community members. The excellent Sapphire Radeon 9800 review is here>> and the Sound Blaster Audigy report is here>>

  •  Toms Hardware Welcome to Tom's Hardware Guide, the Internet's premier resource for PC hardware reviews and news. Tom's Hardware Guide delivers hard-hitting articles and reports to tech-savvy IT professionals, technology innovators and early adopters looking to buy PC hardware products and services. Try this excellent report on the new Canterwood boards here>> and also Pinnacle Studio 9 here>> as a sample of the many reviews offered.

  • TV Cards is a site that offers excellent information and forums on TV cards primarily plus others.

  • Vipers Lair is another good review site on many upgrading products.

  • Walibe SFF has really excellent reviews on the Nebula and Black Gold Digital TV cards here>>

  • Whining Dog started during the summer of 2001 originally as a website for the gaming ideas of Dave and Felix. However as plans for world domination fell apart, the two of them decided to turn Whining Dog into a computing portal providing news, reviews, and just about anything and everything. Whining Dog continues to be a venue for news and information and a place for ideas and thoughts. Take the time to join our growing community forums and join in on threads of discussions that vary in topics.
    A good review section is here with the USB Maxtor One Touch reviewed here>> 



Buy Hardware Sites
  • UK Price Runner  provides consumers with easy online access to specifications and prices for a wide variety of products. After only a few minutes visiting our site, the consumer is in a good position to make an informed choice before making a purchase.
  • Dabs is the UK's leading internet retailer of IT and technology products, offering a huge range of products from the world's leading manufacturers to almost a million online customers across the country.

Buy Hardware Sites

  • Eurosimm specialise in the global distribution of computer memory, hard disk drives, servers and options. We offer a broad range of cost-effective and reliable storage and memory products for servers, desktops, workstations and notebook computers.

  • CBC Northern is the leading supplier of computer hardware in the North of England.

  • Micro Warehouse Micro Warehouse is the global leader in the provision of computer solutions. Over two million customers worldwide rely upon Micro Warehouse to fulfil their business' computer networking, hardware and software needs, confident in our quality, responsiveness and dedication to service.


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