müssen kann möchte werden wollen
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Note* If a verb immediately follows an adjective or a noun then add "zu" (Ich habe keine zeit es zu tun)

Noun (anything you can place the in front of )the book the cat
Adjective (anything you can place am or is in front of )am going is happy
verb (anything you can place to in front of )to be to run to laugh

could in English has two meanings. I could never do it... I could not have done it. couldn't (past tense of can has two availabilities.) could you come with me tomorrow (future) I could not go yesterday (past)

could in past tense (I could not find it)
(was able - were able)
could in future tense (I could find it)
(would be able)
always use unless clearly in the past
(8-2) Prefixes when there is a stress on the prefix it can be detachable verstehen (non detachable) no stress on the prefix - ver
Ausgehen (detachable) Ich gehe aus