Here are a number of sites specialising in scripts and counters. When building your site any one of these sites will offer quick and easy methods of adding items such as counters, guest books, calendars etc. They certainly beat writing your own. I am always needing new links on this subject so please send me  the details.

There are also sites that give advice and help to web masters at all levels. There are sites with huge download areas and sites that give clipart, graphics and fonts. Resources for web building, then look no further. New sites that come recommended are always welcome at


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  • Apply This is an excellent program to check how your web page looks in other browsers.
  • Browser Spy can tell you all kinds of detailed information about you and your browser. Stuff like version of your browser. What kind of things it supports and what it doesn't support. Furthermore it can provide you detailed information about JavaScript, JVM, Java, Plugins, Components, Bandwidth, Language, Screen, Hardware, IP, Cookies, Web Server, and much more.
  • Boogie Jack:  Web Depot is a webmasters resource site with over 500 pages of free high quality web page graphics, HTML and CSS tutorials, graphics tutorials, cut and paste JavaScript, sound effects, software and software reviews, computer tips and more. There are other diversions if web mastery isn't your thing. Browse around and enjoy!
  • C-Net source: has huge amounts of information on graphics, scripts and general web building. C-Net always give good information and this is as good as them all.
  • David's web resources On this site you'll find a group of resources that I frequently use when creating web sites and managing lists. I've also included other general computer resources which I find to be helpful. I hope you enjoy.
  • Free site tools  all kinds of information geared towards making your website more successful!
  • Front Page Support: This is the official Microsoft Front Page support site. Much to help the Front Page designer here. Build exactly the site you want with FrontPage version 2002, the Office Web site creation and management solution. Find out more.
  • Flashdaddee is a tightly-knit community of students, hobbyists, and professionals dedicated to the purpose of providing whatever resources we can muster for the use of all who visit this site. While the focus here is on programming, we do try to offer a little something different in the way of forums, e-books, sound files, and movie clips in the belief that a little r and r away from the toil and pressure of coding can provide a vent for those who need one.Browser comparisons Check how your web pages looks in other browsers with these useful guides.
  • Ian Fleeton's Site is a really excellent source for web design. He has written an on-line manual and is well worth a visit.
  • Jim World is a wonderful resource of loads of useful additions to your web pages. Search engine submissions, banners, meta tags and a whole lot more can be found here. VISIT!
  • Links 1: This is the extra links section of the Gifcruncher web site. It is a very good area for web software.
  • Links 2: This is the  links section of the It covers dozens of web building and internet related sites.
  • Link Alarm will check every link on your site free. It will report on broken links and provide a text listing of every link on your site.; There are over 1600 on I was surprised at just how many broken or redundant links were on this site.
    Link Alarm is an online service dedicated to testing entire web sites. Use it to find the link rot on your web sites. They'll check your whole site automatically every month (or more often) and present a complete report to help you make repairs.
    Get it its the best it has really saved me hours!
  • Site Wizard is a superb reference for web design. It is hosted by Christopher Heng and is a vast reference source there is a great article on Fav Icons here>>


  • SitePoint Community Forums
    Ever look for one place where you can learn all you need to know about Web Design, Promotion, Marketing and finding tools for your site? 
  • Is an excellent download site for the web designer and for software in general. Like Dave Central it caters for a wide spectrum of users. A very good site.
  • Web Monkey: This resource center has tools for everything. It is one of the best known sites and it offers tools and software for most jobs when building a web page. There are news articles, tutorials, web tips and software libraries, what more could you want.
  • Web site extractor is an excellent tool allowing parts of sites to be extracted (with permission of course).
  • Web Authoring Is a great source of web design information set out in an easy to use way. Recommended for novice and expert alike.
  • Web position Gold There's a pervasive myth among Web site managers that submitting your Web site to hundreds of search engines will result in thousands of new visitors. That's just not true. An award winning product by FirstPlace Software called WebPosition Gold™ offers proof that submitting alone is not enough.
  • The Web Masters Library: Webmasters' Library is a free information resource providing a large number of articles, interviews, tips, tricks, tutorials and reviews. These free Webmaster resources are all aimed at helping future, and existing Webmasters create and maintain successful Websites. The content found here is developed by the creators of this site and Webmasters such as yourself from around the world. It is our goal to provide a place for Webmasters to share useful information with each other, while learning from the experience and expertise of others. View more information about this site.
  • Webtecniques A daily information site about the web and web building techniquesInternet Brothers Webmasters Info is the Net's most popular webmaster daily 'ezine, chock full of revenue and traffic building tips, site design, software review, and all kinds of information geared towards making your website more successful!
  • Webmasters Tools Central a free information resource offering scripts, tutorials, links and all round excellent information about web building. Highly reccommended!
  • The Web Source is a  massive source of information for the web designer. There are over 665 resources listed on the site and its growing.
  • Web Templates from VCD-Universe (gold You can buy templates for many types of site here.
  • Web Positioning: Advantage Listings is a search engine ranking service that uses a common sense approach to higher search engine positions. We simply bid on and purchase the top positions in search results on the keywords or categories that you need for your business.
Graphics and sound
  • Animation Factory:  An excellent site for animated graphics of all kinds guaranteed to spice up your web page. I chose this particular graphic because its very like me. 
  • Obviously much older...much less hair... and more short sighted than me....naturally!..
  • Animations offer a huge range of free animated gifs plus other tools to help build up your site. Worth a visit but there are pop up menus to contend with.
  • 1001 Clip Art.Com: is another great source for clipart. This one catalogues all the areas as well with external links. Has thousands of picture clips in several categories.
  •  Huge amounts of clipart and pictures to spice up your web pages.
  • Clipart Castle: another excellent site for free clipart. You need to join to get access to the clip art plus there are very annoying pop up adverts here.
  • ClipArt Connection: is another great source for clipart. This one catalogues all the areas excellently including areas for animated graphics.
  • Animated gifs at Web developer. Download animated gifs and graphics
  • Jpeg Wizard:  This on-line tool allows you to compress JPEGS for your web pages.
  • Gif Wizard This on-line tool allows you to compress GIFS for your web pages.
  • Free Images "" for free photos, backgrounds, clipart and more.
  • Gif Cruncher:  This on-line tool allows you to compress GIFS for your web pages
  • Colour Central gives advice and numbers for all the colours for your web, an often overlooked thing. The main site here>> give HTML advice as well.


  • Wav Central is the best sound site on the 'Net. All of the multimedia files have been "databased" and categorized  to make searching and accessing EASY. Thanks to our enthusiastic members, our collection continues to grow and grow!
  • Font Face: This is an excellent source for fonts of all types.  You'll only find fresh and creative (good) fonts here.
  • Flash buttons Use the tools on this site to generate an animated navigation bar for your own website. Use it to add your text and URLs to any of the sites buttons. These Flash navigation bars will add both functionality and flavor to your site.
  • Scream Design Animations Easy to use animations to decorate your email, web pages, and PowerPoint™ presentations. Browse their 3,000 free animated GIF samples or become a member and get over 250,000 original animations and graphics. Get free CD's when you join for a year!


Help with search engine listings

  • Link Popuarity will show you how your site is rated on Altavista, Goolge and Hot-Bot.
  • Top search engine tips on CD A revolutionary new multimedia CD-Rom reveals how to finally start making serious money online by consistently driving large numbers of targeted visitors to your website from search engines and directories like Yahoo!, AltaVista, HotBot, Excite, WebCrawler and more!
  • Get your site listed: Why doesn't my page show up in the search engines?" To help I've compiled what I hope is some useful information about getting listed.
  • Free site tools  all kinds of information geared towards making your website more successful!


  • Adobe Products: The product list at Adobe. Acrobat and Go Live plus all their other products

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