The rebuilding of a WWII Ford GPW (jeep)

This is the story of the re-birth of a Ford GPW Jeep, the workhorse of the allied armies of World War II.

I purchased my own Jeep in 1976 (registration 610TNT) and kept a record as I dismantled and then re-built noting all the trials and tribulations of the task.

Essentially I had no knowledge of mechanics at all so it was a task I should never have started however I did and continued until it eventually won a prize at the 1980 show for military vehicles hosted by "The North East Military Vehicle Club - NEMVC" at the DLI museum at Durham.

None of this work could have been completed without the help of friends (especially Dek Ashley) so I hope this record will bring back "happy" memories to them as well as myself.

This is that story I hope you find it interesting, I know did!

The story started August 11 2005 and is still




New and old recruits

My thanks to

Dek Ashley (the technical wizard)

Ken Hart (who sold me the jeep at the start)

Chris Guy (who helped bring it on down)

Mike Beckett (the one who started my interest)

Dave Angles who always had a new way of trying something.

Metamet (now no longer in existence)

(the late) Tom Bowman (showed me just what jeeps can do)

Sid Siddle, Dave Ashley,

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