This section is not  quite as stuffy
as it sounds as there are also sites covering flight cockpits and discovery as well as homework, language translation and encyclopaedias. Today there is a wealth of educational information on the web.

This ranges from university sites to BBC education. Specialist homework and revision sites are great for the student where sites like how stuff works are good for an interesting browse.

I have a dedicated page to the Second World War here>> that is linked to education in general. To the young folk its history and there fore education however at my age it isn't.

This is only scratching the surface and I will add links as I find them.

Again if you think any links would be of interest and should be on  please send me  the details.  

  Encyclopaedias | History | General | Exam Revision | Languages | Books | Computing


  • Encyclopaedia Britannica: The superb encyclopaedia is all here In addition to an excellent search engine, offers a variety of browse features to enhance your research experience. Browse Alphabetically | Using the traditional organization of the encyclopaedia, alphabetical browse is an excellent option when you are unsure of the proper spelling of a subject of interest. World Atlas | Interactive maps allow for easy exploration of the nations and cultures of the world's regions. Browse by Subject  This browse feature organizes the encyclopaedia into an outline that allows for efficient subject matter research. At the top of the outline are art, history, society, religion, science, technology, mathematics, and philosophy. This is the best of the best and all knowledge is here.
  • Everything 2  has grown from being a very simple user-written encyclopaedia to a very complex online community with a focus to write, publish and edit a quality database of information, art and humour. When you make an account here you join not only a team of dedicated writers but an entire micro-society and community with its own pop culture, politics, beauty and blunders.
  • Encyclopaedia's .com This is an on-line encyclopaedia. It is searchable by letter and provides a wealth of information. It is said to be  the Internet's premiere free encyclopaedia! Newly updated and expanded with more than 50,000 articles plus links giving you access to millions of articles and pictures in Electric Library.
  • Encyclopaedia search: Here you have a search engine that searches Encarta, history channel and amongst others the US department of education.
  • Encarta on line: The no. 1 name in reference suites! In-depth information and groundbreaking multimedia inspire you to explore, discover, and create.
    Also here is the Encarta Dictionary: There is also an excellent multilingual dictionary here.
  • Wikipedia, is a collaborative project to produce a free and complete encyclopaedia in every language. We started in January 2001 and are already working on 61738 articles in the English version, with more being added and improved all the time. Anyone, including you, can edit any article right now, without even having to log in. You can copyedit, expand an article, write a little or write a lot. See the Wikipedia FAQ for more background information about the project, and the help page for information on how to use and contribute to Wikipedia.
  • The history of Apple computers Covers 1976 to the present, with interesting photos of key people. Also features a tremendous gallery of over 100 Apple computers with descriptions and high quality photos from the Apple I to the iMac. A great place to start your history tour. A great links section is here
  • Computer Help Whatever your problem, there should be a solution here for it. Most of the subjects below will take you to a lot more solutions and help files that you can check out.
  • Jan's on-line-training computer training is an easy to learn introduction to many basic computer skills. Do you feel confused, befuddled, lost when it comes to computers? Do you wish you had the time, and money, to take a real, live course on computers? Then this site is for you!     Top>>
General Education
  • BBC Learning The BBC website contains over half a million pages of news, entertainment and factual material. There's also a wealth of educational programmes available across the BBC's TV and radio channels.
    Whether you are at school revising for exams; wanting to learn from the comfort of your own home; considering enrolling for an evening class, or even a degree course, BBCi has the useful resources and interactive activities for you. The BBC Learning homepage is designed to help you find those sites, TV and radio programmes which will help further your learning ambitions.
  • BBC Science: The BBC offer an enormous amount of information on a very large web site. Over my site I have recommended several of their pages and again here is another. The science site is excellent offering several topics that change regularly. Well worth a visit.
  • is from the Discovery Channel. It offers vast amounts of interesting information in areas called discovery channel, discovery health and discovery school. A great site.Check out the excellent video on Hitler's Bunker here>>
  • Education Planet makes it easy for students to find great homework and research resources, tutoring services, reference tools, learning games, content experts, college info and more!
  • Guinness book of Records: This is the web site from the very well known book. Up-to-date records are all here and great quizzes can be built from the information within this site. There are videos and interactive sections, be prepared to spend a while here!
  • How stuff works: This wonderful site does just as it says, shows you how things work. How Stuff is an amazing, award-winning online destination for anyone who wants to know how anything works! This is  an entertaining and fascinating place for people to learn about the world we live in.
  • Open University is the prime source to gain qualifications at home. Courses include home tuition via books, CD's video tapes and personal tutors. This is THE way for home based education. On this page you can find links to full descriptions of education and language courses (including residential schools). Naturally there are many other courses just follow the main link
  • Open University Course material is the site where all course material can be purchased as an alternative to enrolling on a course. Naturally you miss out on the personal tuition but it is a far cheaper alternative.
  • Project Gutenberg: Books on line. A vast selection of books available to read from your computer. There are three portions of the Project Gutenberg Library, basically be described as light Literature  (such as Alice in Wonderland), Heavy Literature;( such as the Bible or  Shakespeare). References; (such as Roget's Thesaurus  and a set of encyclopaedia, dictionaries, etc). This is an amazing reference tool.
  • Tomorrows World: This site is from the famous TV program. It covers science in an easy to understand way with experiments, surveys and the general contents of the program. It is a very interesting site to visit.
  • World religions is a site which is devoted to providing information on the various religions of the world for Secondary School pupils.  Each of the religions listed above has its own set of pages. At present there is a basic introduction on each religion together with a limited amount of material but the intention is to add more as time permits. 
  • Molecular Expressions Welcome to the Molecular Expressions website featuring our acclaimed photo galleries that explore the fascinating world of optical microscopy. We are going where no microscope has gone before by offering one of the Web's largest collections of color photographs taken through an optical microscope (commonly referred to as "photo-micro-graphs"). Visit our Photo Gallery for an introductory selection of images covering just about everything from beer and ice cream to integrated circuits and ceramic superconductors. These photographs are available for licensing to commercial, private, and non-profit institutions. Top>>
  • BBC History: online learning history from the BBC. a good site with excellent content. 
  • BBC History Timelines: To explore Britain's timeline, click on any period displayed a list of historic events for this period will then appear, and clicking on these links will bring you a description of the event.
  •  BBC Film Archive is a new site specialising in a video history of the North East of England. Now for the first time you can see nearly two hundred clips from this unique archive on the BBC England on Film web site. This is just a taster of the hundreds of films in this amazing collection.
  • Eye Witness History: Illuminating the past through personal narratives and other first-hand sources, Eye Witness is presented by Ibis Communications, Inc. a digital publisher of educational programming. Select a category displayed above or go to the index for an eyewitness experience of an historical event.
  • Howick Project  Amateur archaeologists John Davies and Jim Hutchison discovered Mesolithic flints eroding from a cliff-edge at Howick, Northumberland. The remains of a Mesolithic hut were discovered, revealing evidence of three distinct structural phases. The Howick structure is the earliest dated evidence for human settlement in Northumberland, and moreover, one of only a few Stone Age dwellings known from the British Isles.
  • History Today is the online presence of the leading general history journal History Today and the journal for history students History Review. With our new look and content - launched in January 2001 - we celebrate 50 years of History Today in print with a look forward to our next 50 years as a leading history publisher in all media.
  •  Military History On-Line covers all timelines from Ancient to modern times plus all in between. A great military browse site.
  • The Roman Army in Britain,its fortresses, forts, watchtowers, temporary camps, depots and industrial sites, built over 400 years, with photographs, reconstructions and other background material on the Army and the military history of Britannia.
  • Nova Science History Seen in more than 100 countries, NOVA is the most watched science television series in the world and the most watched documentary series on PBS. It is also one of television's most acclaimed series, having won every major television award, most of them many times over. This is the on-line version. There is an excellent series of articles on the code breaking of the Nazi secrets.
  • Time Europe: is the site from Time Magazine. As with all Time content it is well researched and presented in an easy to read format. It has current affairs and past articles archive so it is an excellent site to browse.



Exam Revision and Homework Help:
  •   BBC Bitesize revision offers excellent help by books and CD ROMs for the GCSE examinations. This link covers all the BBC Revision sites.
  • Revise It: Revise it's new style GCSE revision guides are now online in six different subjects; Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, French, and Business Studies.The new revision sections contain the Revise it Guides as well as links directly to all the best notes and tests for the topics you are revising. 
  • S-cool S-cool is a site dedicated to school students. They will keep you up to date with all the latest news and hints for your exams and school life!
  • BBC Revision: that's easier to digest Learn, revise, ask a teacher, refine and improve your skills. Multimedia revision services with websites, TV programmes, books and CD roms - all are closely linked and can be used together or separately.
  • Freeserve Exam Revision: Welcome to Freeserve Learning's exam revision study centre. Here you'll find everything you need to achieve your best in this year's examinations. The links will help you whether you are a student taking exams this year, a parent looking to help your child perform to the best of their abilities or a teacher looking for relevant exam revision materials.
  • As-Guru: The BBC's answer to computer learning in Maths, English, Biology, general studies and study skills. A well advertised and good learning/revision site. 
  • Learn Direct: online learning opportunities - study at home or at one of our nationwide network of learning centres
  • Homework High: This is a superb knowledge site by channel 4 TV. it presents information in an interesting and exciting way. it is a really good site with loads of information.
  • SOS Maths gives help on mathematics such as algebra, trigonometry, calculus etc.
  •  SOS Teacher offers searchable help on most subjects including Maths, Music, Biology, Languages etc.
  • Teaching and learning on the web: here you will find over 804 examples of how the web is being used as a medium for learning. This searchable collection includes sites that range from courses delivered entirely via the web to courses that offer specific activities related to a class assignment or perhaps courses that offer class support materials via the web.






  • Lee Child: Author of the superb Jack Reacher novels can  be found here. The fan site Reacher's Creatures offers information and details on Lee Child's Reacher books.


Michael Connolly: Author of the excellent Harry Bosch novels can be found here.


  •  Brendan Dubois writes some excellent fast moving novels. Six Days is superb and his site is excellent
  •  Carol O'Connel is a superb writer with no web page. Judas Child is a gripping mystery right to the last page. Buy It!
  • Matthew Reilly is a superb action writer with titles such as "Ice Station",  "Area 7", "Temple" etc. Fast action guaranteed with this author.
  • Guy Walters is the author of the excellent "the Traitor" and the new on "The Leader". The stories are about the British SS legion and the Union movement in Britain. The plot is excellent and very well researched.


  • Books at Random: E-Books on the web. Our latest imprint provides the very best in e-Book publishing. With an extensive list of fiction, non-fiction and business titles, Random House e-Books are a great new way to read some of your favourite authors and titles.
  • Rutgers: this is the Rutgers University Library book source. This site is more an on-line-library than just a browse site however the information inside is vast.
  • Book Brain  the smartest way to buy books on the web. We don't sell books though. We provide the most accurate and comprehensive price search of UK online bookshops on the web, currently searching 14 sites.
  • Sparknotes is the site to study literary classics



  • Animated Grammar gives a completely new way to learn German grammar through PowerPoint presentations.
  • Babel Fish: The one everyone talks about. Translations for everyone. Easy fast and good.

  • BBC Language homepage. Its all here. Revision, phrases, listening, reading, its a great site. Like them all at the BBC

  • Fodors Living Language is one of the most popular and well respected courses available. The "Ultimate" collection comes with a 400 page manual and eight CD's. Worth a look if your interested in home study.

  • Free German Lessons As everybody knows, the best way to learn German is by studying it in a German-speaking country. But now you have an alternative! You can improve your German skills in a more comfortable way - namely right from home!
    At German online many interesting areas of German grammar and orthography are presented in the course of 24 lessons.
    Afterwards you can test your knowledge in one of the two German tests. You want to learn German while having fun? -Try out our grammar game "Word Search" or an Austria Quiz! Enjoy yourself!
  • German Culture recourse offers a balanced look at one of the world's most significant cultures, and is a profile of the daily life and culture of the German people. Make it your goal to get acquainted with Germany, and you'll go through the maze of German history, wander in the depths of German literature, get to know famous people of German origin, enter German political life, enjoy German cuisine, admire world-known German cars, and much more. You are welcome to join us here.
  •  German Grammar from College of William and Mary. This WWW resource can help you learn or review German grammar. It is the first part of a larger package I am developing for distribution via the Internet. In addition to this grammar presentation, the package will contain units on pronunciation, conversations, vocabulary, and exercises for practicing and testing grammar and vocabulary skills.
  • German language radio is an excellent way to build up your listening skills.
    The links lead either directly to Real Audio links and will either begin playing in 5 - 10 seconds after Real Player is loaded or else will link to the station's home page where the connecting link to Real Audio is located. (If there is net congestion during a broadcast, the sound will drop out and the notice "Buffering" will appear. The broadcast will then continue.)

  •   Leo's German-English on-line dictionary is a superb reference too for the German language student. On this web site as well as the famous large English-German-Dictionary, there is a comprehensive software archive, a vast collection of interesting links of any area, information about the Internet and the WWW in particular, as well as detailed information about the Munich area. There is a great Mirror site at Travelang here>>

  • Learn German On-line sets out to to make you familiar with the best online resources in "German as a foreign language"; to expand this idea to the practical daily needs of those who are interested in business, tourist or cultural aspects in Germany; and to provide you with external links and useful tips. Top>>


  • German Internet Radio This is the "multilingual books" online radio pages, featuring a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages.
    Those who are learning a new language need ways to exercise the hearing and comprehension of speech, and if they don't actually live in a country or area where the language is spoken, these sources are in short supply. Fortunately, with the advent of the internet, there are now many foreign online radio stations, and so we have provided a listing of online news radio, talk, information programs, and music programs featuring music in the native language to practice your understanding of foreign languages.
  • German online dictionaries is another part of the  "multilingual books" site. here is a collection of pages with links to online dictionaries in languages from all over the world, including monolingual online dictionaries, bilingual online dictionaries, online technical and specialty dictionaries, and online translation engines and hyper-dictionaries.



  • Pimsleur has a huge following and is the language system recommended by the US government. The premium Pimsleur Comprehensive series offers three 30-lesson sets -- 90 lessons in all -- designed to help you reach specific spoken proficiency skill levels. Each level builds upon the last, to progressively help you reach specific spoken skills.
    There are many sites supporting Pimsleur with help and advice such as the Pimsleur Approach, Simon says, and the Lingo Shop. This is an excellent learning tool but rather expensive.

  •  Random House Living Language is the foremost name in the field of foreign language self-study. Since 1946, millions have learned to speak, read, and write a new language with Living Language courses. Originally developed by U.S. government experts for overseas-bound service personnel and diplomats, the Living Language line has been expanded to include books, cassettes and CDs in 20 different languages.

  • Schau ins Land, the monthly audio-magazine for intermediate and advanced students of German. If you've taken the time to learn German, here's the proven way to take your vocabulary and listening-comprehension skills to the next level. The feature section is excellent and a real "lesson on line" take a visit its worth it!

  • Systran is a superb site offering translations on-line or the software to do it. An excellent site.

  •   Tim Davison's site is well worth a visit with some very good advice if you want to learn German. It is good to hear "first hand" how he studied and tried different methods to achieve his goal. There are links and quizzes so its an interesting site to visit.

  •  Tomino  is a Cambridge (UK) based company established in 1999 to bring quality Language learning products to the UK Market. Whether it is for Business Use, Holidays, Exam preparation or just for fun, Tomino have products.

  • University of South Florida (or USF) has a superb German Grammar site called Web German. There is a section where you can print out flash cards for revision and help in your German language studies.

  • Vorleser.Net  Kostenlose Hörbücher im mp3-Format - neu: Andersen-Märchen
    This is an ideal site for German Listen books. All sorts of subject and proficiency level is catered for hear. Worth a visit.

  • Michel Thomas offers a unique way to learn languages. He talks to two students making you feel like the third. He goes over each part so many times you pick it up automatically. He is a great teacher and the basics are all covered to give you a sound basis in conversational German. Three sets are available, basic, advanced and word builder. Michel's long list of successful students includes political leaders, entertainment giants, corporate executives and dignitaries from around the globe. Great program

  •  McKinnon College German grammar and revision site has an excellent way of training in all aspects of the German language.

  • German Newpapers This listing is on the the "multilingual books" site. It is part of a larger section dealing with foreign newpapers on-line.
    It's a lot easier to learn a language this way, when you're actually interested in exploring what is before you, so make reading the online news a ritual like reading the morning daily, perhaps also with coffee and in Danish!




  • Translate on your mobile phone You can now use the new Personal Translator technology anywhere and anytime with your mobile phone. To use PT-WAP, select the page This is the homepage of PT-WAP with a menu to choose the requested translation direction.


  • LEC Power Translator is an excellent computer based translator that will quickly translate from Word or Outlook.

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