There are so many Internet providers  in the UK  these days you are really spoilt for choice. The main Internet magazines usually carry reports and league tables on all the main ones so you can make a relatively good decision from the information they print.  I have used many different ones since first entry onto the world wide web and have also lost a great deal of money in the process.

 I am still a member of Demon, and have just joined Nildram because of the failing service at Pipex. Nildram have recently been acquired by Pipex as a business provider, leaving Pipex to go after the low price internet business. As a result the support and help at Pipex is now very poor.

In the quest for speed the cable television providers have started offering broadband speed via their cable network. Usually there are deals for telephone, TV and internet. I cant gat cable so I cannot comment on their quality. ttp://">NTL: can be found here and TeleWest here.

ADSL or BROADBAND is the new technology allowing up to 40 times faster than a modem. BT have a site dedicated to broadband and if you want to know more about it start  here>>


  • Broadband Report speed test is a very accurate speed test for ADSL and DSL This opens in a new window for the test. This site also has superb tools at a very small cost, plus a members area and forum. The forum is superb, well worth a visit.

  • Zen speed testis  is the speed test I use most regularly. It is fast and accurate and "does the job". It is only a part of the Zen support site that offers a comprehensive library of useful information, with everything from beginner's guides and step by step instructions for new hardware or software to the latest status and performance reports on all the services that we provide.

KBPS This is the UK speed test favoured by Nildram. It is an accurate test for the faster broadband connections.


Speedguide is another excellent site with tools and help for getting the best from your broadband connection. There are free tools and excellent tweaks and tips on this site. A must to get your broadband connection running at its peak.

  • Z-Dnet speed test is favoured by many in the UK as the speed test to run. Worth checking here . This opens in a new window for the test.
  • Bandwidth tests is a very comprehensive list of links where you can get your bandwidth tested. There are 105 links to try often giving different results. Check and re-check.
  • Bitnet This Swedish site gives accurate speed tests in an interesting and graphical way.  This opens in a new window for the test.
  • Beeline is a great little test with cheers claps and boos depending on how it performs each time. An entertain view to speed testing. This opens in a new window for the test.
  • Web 100 is an excellent text based "no frills" speed test.
  •  First, data is streamed for 10 seconds from your desktop to the server and then a second 10 second test is performed in the opposite direction. A Web100 modified linux kernel captures detailed statistics on these TCP data flows. This data is then analyzed to determine why the connection achieved the throughput results it reported. This opens in a new window for the test.
  • Bandwidthplace Speed Test is the site where your connection speed can be tested. This site gives some good information about this and other related subjects. This opens in a new window for the test.
  • BT Performance tester You can now find out your own BRAS profile speed by going to BT's own testing site, and entering your telephone number. You can only do this when connected via that telephone number. After a pause it asks you for your ADSL username, then it runs the test and gives you a report. It can be congested as I don't think BT meant it for general use. It is the one though to find out that infamous BRAS Profile.


Exchange Checkers

  • Exchange checker lets you know if you have a congested exchange. This is regularly updated and a quick test on your exchange.
  • ADSL Guide Find the latest and greatest broadband news in the UK, service provider information, views and comments from users like you. Looking for a new broadband ISP? Check out our ISP List and ISP Comparator. Want an answer to a question? Try our popular Message Forums
  • DSL Source is a premier source for anything ADSL in the UK. As well as providing access to the best products on the market, they also offer our customers access to our technical support team, who are dedicated to making the transition to Broadband and home networking as easy as possible. With ease of use in mind, they do not offer 'cheap' re-badged 'own brand' products.
  • TopComm Choose up to 6 service providers that you want to compare by ticking the box next to the company logo. Once you have made your choice simply select the measure from the selection below (scroll down) and click 'View Comparison'. Information about the company can be found by clicking on the company logo.
  • Everywhere! Broadband will soon be launching its broadband internet service via satellite Backed by Eutelsat Europe's most important satellite operator, Everywhere! Broadband will be providing this service across the whole of the United Kingdom. It's easy to get connected and it's available to every home and every business, no matter where you are located
  • Silvermead No more worrying about distance and whether ADSL will ever reach you - Silvermead Satellite Broadband is available anywhere in the UK! We'll provide with a starter pack with a special satellite modem, software and dish so you can surf the Internet and download at high speed!
  • Exchange checker lets you know if you have a congested exchange. This is regularly updated and a quick test on your exchange.
  • Can you get broadband and how fast can you get it. Use this handy number check to see how good a service you can expect from 8 meg broadband.
  • Demon: I joined demon way back in 1994 and it has always been good and fast. Along with Pipex I have never had cause to complain and their technical support is excellent.
  • Pipex As the UK's first commercial ISP, PIPEX has been a market leader for over a decade. We were the first ISP to bring the Internet to UK businesses and provided the first fully featured web community, enabling customers to create and promote their own websites. Nildram have recently been acquired by Pipex as a business provider, leaving Pipex to go after the low price internet business. As a result the support and help at Pipex is now very poor.
  • UK Online offer you 22 meg bropadband plus the lowest prices* and fastest speeds across their own advanced broadband network reaching 4.4million homes across the UK. find out more...


  • Metronet is rapidly becoming a contender in the low cost metered internet provider ring.

  • Openworld Broadband is the BT ADSL provider.BT Openworld for ADSL This is the drivers site that you are often asked to visit when problems arise. A good site but naturally it is biased to Openworld as a product. Openworld has never let me down since I joined so I do recommend them. Check if you can get broadband in your area here>> the new BT Broadband site here>> and what all the new terms such as ADSL and FAT PIPE mean here>>
  •   BT Internet  is a well recommended Internet provider. The best package iin my humble opinion is the free weekends and evenings package as this suits most home users. They offer a good "free anytime" package as well. Sur-time is also a good option but only if you really do spend a great deal of time on line.
ISP Information
  • In my quest for cheap (or free) internet access I have found Net4nowt and 08whatever excellent sources of information when it comes to the vast numbers of 0800 internet providers. Many died taking their subscribers fees along with them so the information inside the pages of these web sites can be both time and money saving. 
  • ISP Review is another great site for information on Internet providers.
  • The Register is an excellent magazine site offering information on BT Anytime, Friaco etc. It also offers very biting comments on the IT Industry generally, well worth a regular visit.
  • Oftel the main telecoms site

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