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Production   Role  Company    Director
Heartbeat Mr Hodgeson Yorkshire.TV  Roger Bamford
Emmerdale NBA Boxing Referee Yorkshire.TV Richard Bramall
The Round Tower Mr Wilton Festival Films - Channel 3 Alan Grint
Our Friends in the North Brian Cox (principle) BBC Stuart Urban/Pedr James
The Original Mr Sleaze Maximillian Bauer  TTTV Malcolm Wright
Dinner of Herbs Agent Festival Films - Channel 3 Alan Grint
The Resurrection Man Dave Smith (principle) TTTV Trevor Hearing
Romark               Clerk of the Court TTTV Tony Kysh
The Gambling Man Mr Oakshot TTTV Norman Stone
Finney The Coach Festival Films/TTTV David Hayman
Firm Friends Sergeant Bonehead Island World Productions David Hayman
Byker Grove - S2,S3,S4,S5,S6. Alan Dobson (principle 5 yr) Zenith North/TTTV Matthew Robinson
Harry David Bowker Union Pictures Rob Walker
Spender Kenny Rankin (principle) Zenith North/BBC Mary McMurray
I do like to be beside the seaside Joe Jackson (principle) TTTV Mike Connor
The Fast Show                                            The bus conductor BBC  
White Peaks Farm Paramedic BBC Andrew Morgan
Truckers The Trawler man BBC Jan Sergeant
Supergran Co Co the clown TTTV Tony Kysh


Killing Time Traffic Warden Pilgrim Films Bahrat Nalluri
Women in Tropical Places The Meat Man Glass Fish Productions. - Ch4 Penny Wolcock
T.V. Commercials:      
Austin Rover National T.V. Commercial Chauffeur Dorlands - Sachi-Sachi  
The Thompson Newspaper Group Company Director
Other Productions:      
Northumbria Police Film  The Good Neighbour    
British Airways Training CD Dieter Kranz    
NHS "Move Medicine" Brian and Paul Wal;ker Your Film Matthew Newman