Specialist and accessory sites:  
  • Monkey Depot: This site is THE site for sixth scale loose parts. They believe remaining true to the original concept allows them to be more focused on the business of selling pieces and only pieces, that's all they do.
  • New-line Miniatures are simply producing the best items such as boots, belts, y-straps etc. in 6th scale.
    NewLine offers you 1/6th scale military accessories of unparalleled detail. Our flagship line of hand-crafted boots bring your figure to the next level with fine leather and fabric, real laces, metal hobnails, moulded sole tread, working tongues, and metal grommets. Real boots, real small! But NewLine is more than just boots. Our ever-expanding line includes belts, equipment harnesses, slings, and much more - all engineered to bring your figures to the highest level of accurate detail.
  • Armortek supply BIG tanks. What do you say to a sixth scale Tiger of Panzer IV. Both are available and I am informed by a fellow collector that the Tiger is excellent but weighs 10 stone (more than me). Take a look the kits look great and there are videos to see them in action.
  • Eklyps: specialises in custom figures they are also an authorised reseller of Cotswold Collectibles figures and equipment. 

  • Circle Home: manufacture customised clothing and accessories in sixth scale. They are also very good at it.
  • CVI makes 1/6th scale military insignia and detailing accessories crafted for scale figure modelling sensibilities. We carefully research our subjects and produce them in media that preserves their proper scale fidelity. This means more accurate custom figures for you. When you're ready to take your figures to the next level of realism, CVI is here to help.
  • Patches of Pride: is the headquarters for 1/6th scale customizing items including decals, cloth patches, and other related accessories. Fans and collectors of 1/6th scale action figures call here first.

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