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Collecting dragon (and now other manufacturers) sixth scale action model figures is a relatively new hobby. It follows on from Action Man and GI Joe very popular in the seventies and again today.
Although these models were first on the market Dragon models of Hong Kong took them to new heights  because of the really superb detail of each model.
The detail is so good because of the very large "sixth scale" figures, even the belt buckles and awards have full detail if looked at through a magnifying glass.
Weapons and vehicles have been added to the Dragon and 21st century model ranges and again with excellent detail.  Checkout the MG34/43 machine gun stand on the dragon models sixth scale action figures Page to see just what I mean by detail, you would swear it was a real weapon..
In the past the head sculptures were always the let down however the recent additions are really good as can be seen by the model of Martin Kleist the Afrika fallschirmjager shown here.

In this section you can find not only the manufacturers pages such as Dragon Models, 21st Century, Yellow Submarine and Yamato but also the main distributors in the UK, Modellers Loft. plus some of the American ones which I have used successfully. There are also Fan Pages where collectors customise the models and get really good results.
Check out the Japanese site Xinxian.
There are also people who sell hand made items to customise your own figures.

As this section of Hodgy.net has grown I have had to split it into sections. It should be easier to navigate it now.

I hope you enjoy my "specialist Dragon Models sixth scale action figures  hobby page" I hope it is of interest to existing enthusiasts or if you are new to this hobby then perhaps it may tempt you to start collecting yourself. I have  also a direct  page on World War II here>>  than can extend your knowledge on this conflict. Any more sites you find that are on either subject please e-mail me.


  • Manufacturers and distributors This area covers the Dragon, 21st Century, Cotswold and similar sites. Also here are the distributors I have used and more as I visit their sites.
  • FanSites covers the sites I find that could be classed as fan sites. The collectors who customise and offer others insights to the hobby.
  • Link Sites covers sites that are pure link site plus areas on other sites dedicated to links on the hobby. A very good browsing area.
  • Message Boards This is where it all happens. News on figures, news on problems, details of conversions and a general area to discuss sixth scale figures and equipment. You must visit regularly as the posters are prolific.
  • Specialist Sites here are the hat makers, the uniform makers and the customisers. You wont believe what some enthusiasts are making to build the hobby up.
  • Others is the area where sites I have problems with or that are no longer trading

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