In this section there are a number of sites dedicated to the training and explaining HTML and Web design.  

The training ranges from basic training as in Actden and Lissa explains up to the html training sites and Bravenet script sites. Overall there is a lot of sites that will show you how to go about making web sites. There is no excuse ---go on and try---

If you find good sites in this field please send me  the details.

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  • Pagetutor:  Is a company that sells a great html tutor in CD and Printed form. There is still plenty free advice on building a good web page  though. 

  • Build Better Homepages: There is everything you could want to know about web building in separate sections. A great site!
  •  This site gives e-mail help and interests on web related topics. You can download applets and scripts as well as tutorials and help. This is a different approach to resources but is a superb site.
  • Free CGI scripts for guest books etc. You only need to sign up to get lots of goodies.
  • Jayne's site "help I want to create a web site" is an excellent source for basic information on web page building. It is an easy-to-understand tutorial for writing your own HTML codes and to add neat stuff to your page. The lessons are in simple English... just her "talking" to you... not Einstein lecturing kindergarteners!
  • Scrolling credits advice from the Guru for coding specialists. Not a site for beginners but well worth a visit.
  • Tips and Tricks This site was created to help you design "a better web page". You will find the answers for most of your web design problems.
  • Rank Write
  • The Rank Write Roundtable is a unique search engine optimization and copywriting Web site and email newsletter, featuring expertanswers to your questions about achieving high search engine rankings, successful copywriting for the search engines and your prospects, directory submissions, and the latest SEO marketing news and alerts.
  • XML Tutorial A Web Service is a unit of application logic providing data and services to other applications. Applications access Web Services via ubiquitous Web protocols and data formats such as HTTP, XML, and SOAP, with no need to worry about how each Web Service is implemented.
  •  The Apache XML project
    The goals of the Apache XML Project are:

    (1) to provide commercial-quality standards-based XML solutions that are developed in an open and cooperative fashion
    (2) to provide feedback to standards bodies (such as IETF and W3C) from an implem- entation perspective,
    (3) and to be a focus for XML-related activities within Apache project.
  • XML main site

  • eBORcOM Welcome to Web Development Resources, a collection of links to the most informative guides relating to web site development and maintenance. This is an excellent site pulling together some great links.


  • HTML Validation a free service that checks documents like HTML and XHTML for conformance to W3C Recommendations and other standards.
  • daves site an excellent site for the web designer Dave site  was originally started on a late summer night in June of 1996 in the bedroom of Dave Kristula. The creation of HTML: An Interactive Tutorial for Beginners has seen the site grow in popularity to over 900,000 page views a month. This is a great site and well worth a visit.
  • Time and date enables you to add time and dates to your web page



  • Lissa explains HTML:   Is a great site for learning HTML. Its  a colourful and fun approach to learning HTML especially for kids (and the young at heart).  

  • HTML studio: The Internet is a great tool for spreading information, but the really exciting thing is that YOU can use this tool. Making a web site to go on the internet is no harder than any other desktop publishing. If you can type text into your computer and scan a picture using a scanner or digital camera, then you can make a web site. In fact you don't even need a scanner or digital camera because there are many websites that give out free imagery. This is a great tutorial site well worth a visit. training and help on web design.

  • 4 guys from rolla: A strange name for an excellent site. Gives tutorial in various aspects of site design such as CSS buttons, Flash, VB scripting etc. A very good site.

  • ActDen: A superb training site for Front Page and other software. It takes a basic student approach but it is an excellent training site.

  • Web Reference Authoring encompasses the web site creation process. From design of your site, creating writing and layout with style, graphics creation and optimization, to the markup languages like HTML, to our comprehensive how-to tutorials this is the place to go for Web site creation information. Programming is cross-linked under its own category.

  • HTML Guide This guide contains short descriptions of all the HTML tags that you are likely to use. It is divided up into sections to make it easier for you, each section containing examples showing how the tags work. For a printable quick reference list see my HTML Tags Reference List - aka: HTML Cheat Sheet.

  • How do they do that in HTML The site has been very successful over the years, so in late 2000, I rewrote the entire site from scratch, updating all of the information and beginning to add all sorts of new tips and tricks. Like print media, web pages have one core purpose: to convey information.

  • About Html is s site that covers all items of web design.

  • W3 Schools Inside W3Schools you will find a large number of free Web building tutorials, from basic HTML and XHTML tutorials, to advanced XML, XSL and WAP tutorials.

    Inside W3Schools you will find thousands of cut-and-paste examples.With our on-line HTML editor you can edit the examples and experiment with the code on-line.

    The famous W3 references covers all of the most important web building technologies including W3C standards like HTML, XHTML, CSS and XML, and important Microsoft technologies like ASP and ADO and much more.

  • Lynda.Com gives hints and tips on several main web products. Dreamweaver, Fireworks, Golive are all covered with other main and more general topics on HTML etc.


  • HTML Goodies gives primers and tutorials in HTML and web design.

  • Killer Web Sites gives all the low down on building "killer sites". One such idea is the single pixel gif found here>>

  • Web Forums at the home of .NET magazine. An excellent source






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