This is another of the  three biggest parts of my site titled Hobbies and Leisure Sites. I have separated the interest section from the hobbies section by defining my own hobbies over the years. I have always been interested in model making from plastic kits to resin sculptures. All are represented here. I also love motor cars and bikes.  

One of the largest parts of the hobbies section of has proved to be the music sharing part and the programs to do it. Whatever you think of the controversy about music downloading, the programs to do it have been in magazines and naturally on the web. I include the access points here as It is a great hobby and hard to get music is not available anywhere else.

New music sites are always welcome, if you know any that would be good to add please send me  the details.


  This site cover music sites of many kinds. I hope to cover many artists sites as well as computer music and the programs to do it. The Napster style music download sites are so extensive that they have a separats page. My favourite bant, the Beatles gets a good coverage here too. 

  Programs like Napster, WinMX and Morpheous are all file sharing programs enabling you to share files with other computer users around the world. This places a vast library of music files at your disposal and as you will know vast amounts of controversy. I have downloaded files that I was unable to get anywhere else from here including world war two military songs. Take a look and you will be surprised as to how many programs there are. that give access to the Internet communities files. 

  I have tried to include several model sites including plastic kit manufacturers, resin kit manufacturers and metal kit manufacturers. There are dealers from around the world and the big manufacturers from Japan and Italy.

  Sites about and how to buy cars and motorbikes. This part of will be growing as motoring is a big hobby and I am sure you will let me know your own favourite sites in due course.

  This area covers photography, making movies, DVD enthusiast sites and sites that specialise in the hardware to use. There are also fan sites and training sites all to help in this fascinating hobby. For the DVD enthusiast there are user groups and help in burning CD music and film.  

  Here are sites covering all sorts of entertainment including conjuring and acting.

  Game sites such as Tomb Raider, online gaming sites, war gaming sites and  the rip sites are here. This will grow as I get the new pages visited.

  Anything that cant be covered by the above headings. Gardening d.i.y.  Internet Relay chat, wine, cartoons and autograph hunting. This is a varied part and I am always looking for new sites to add.

 This page was last updated on 20/09/05 2001