In here I will be adding sites to cover my hobbies that include motor cars and bikes. My main interest has been BMW cars, sixties motorcycles, modern motorcycles and WWII military vehicles. I am trying to cover all of those fields here with sites of interest in each area. I will add sites of other motor interests as I find them, or if you want any added please send me  the details. 


  • Bike Trader: the famous magazine now on the net. Search the best choice of bikes throughout the UK. Specify features including mileage, body type and colour. 
  • British Biker Co-op The British Biker Cooperative (BBC) is a unique group of individuals dedicated to the preservation of the British motorcycle.
  • British Bike is a great site built by and for enthusiasts of British Bikes.
  • Classic British Bikes  is a company small enough to care for personal service, a hobby into a business, but big enough to search Europe looking for the best bikes available to sell to its growing customer base with over 400 bikes to choose from in stock.
  • Triumph Classics: Set up in 1976 by Les Williams, the Triumph factory race team manager, we are still one of the leading suppliers of parts for unit Triumphs from 1968 onwards. Best known for Slippery Sam, the production racing T150 which won at the Isle of Man on five consecutive years, Les went on to set up a spares and servicing operation which is now celebrating over 20 years of serving enthusiasts all over the world. Our aim is to keep these machines where they belong - on the road
  • Ace Cafe This is the site dedicated to the famous London biker haunt "The Ace Cafe". It is a great nostalgia site for sixties rockers like me!
  • Motorcycle links courtesy of Drop Bears site. This Australian site has so many motorcycle links you could spend hours just checking them out. All the old British bikes like AJS, Matchless, Triumph BSA etc. are covered along with the modern and racing bikes. A great enthusiasts site.

  • Classic Bike: Everything from a nut and bolt to a complete restoration. All work carried out to show-winning standard. Specialists in customising and chopper building, Chroming and Painting Specialist engine building and race tuning. Vintage clothing.
  • Bikerland UK Aims to develop a central source of information and support to the UK Cruiser Motorcycle market and to act as a one stop shop and a biker friendly site for the cruiser rider
  • British Only can help you with parts for your restoration, racing, riding or custom needs. We also stock spares for many other English brands and specialize in parts such as Amal, Lucas, Girling, Smiths and much more.
  • Spinning Wheel is another company specialising in classic bikes and cars.
Cars and Accessories
  • Dixons Auto Valet is the place to go for expert car valeting and cleaning, that is if you live in my home town of Blyth. If you don't and you visit our area, again they are worth seeking out.
    Dave Dixon not only cleans your car he thoroughly cleans it as though it was his own. When you get it back it is washed, hoovered, screen cleaned and even the washers topped up.
  • Auto Trader Beetle or BMW you'll find it with Auto Trader. Whether you're buying, selling or running a car we've got all the information you need.
  • Tracker the vehicle tracking system.
  • Piston Head is an excellent motoring news site with stories ranging from road tolls to false plates. It is regularly updated so it is an excellent stopping off point for all interested in motoring.
  • Wrecked Exotics Welcome to the internet's largest collection of exotic car crash photos. These car crash pictures involve some of the most expensive automobiles ever produced including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Mclaren F1, Bugatti and more. That's enough to make any insurance company weep.


Cars and Accessories

BMW the ultimate driving machine

Visit the BMW Virtual Centre and build your dream BMW on line.




  • Speed cameras UK Since established (summer 2000) the website has developed extensively. Latest features include photos for camera locations, detailed guide to types of speed cameras on UK roads and information for motorists considering buying a speed camera detector. We welcome your comments regarding the sites' content, drive safely...
  • Fish 4 things: This is a UK search engine that gives great access to cars and bikes as well as just about everything else.


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