The excellent "" has a great page with information about peer-to-peer file sharing go here>> to see it.

EFF As more people are getting nervous about peer to peer music sharing it may be worth a visit to the Electronic Frontier Federation where you can find huge amounts of information about your rights.

  • Is an excellent site to visit to get information, tips and downloads on P2P (Napster type) file sharing. It is  Well worth a visit as it will keep you up to date with all the news.
  • O'Reilleys is another site with information on P2P file sharing. Between these two sites you should get all the latest information on the "Napster" type file sharing programs and clones.
  • Zero Paid is a peer to peer file sharing portal site offering vast amounts of information fact sheets, chat rooms and programs. A great starting point for information.   There are over 80 programs listed that cover all your file sharing needs. Along with the ones listed below you should never need to find a way to download your music files. Another area to visit is the links section here>>
File Sharing Tools: 


  • E Mule is a new file-sharing client which is based on the eDonkey2000 network, but offers more features than the standard e-Donkey client, because it's open-source but under the restrictions of the GPL License. The interface is excellent and the download speed also better than Kazaa making it my current choice of P2P download engine.

  • Kazaa Lite You can now download a spyware free version called Kazaa Lite. Downloads and general information can be found here>>


  • WinMX is an excellent alternative free file-sharing program which is  like no other. It allows you to simultaneously connect through the decentralized WinMX Peer Networking Protocol AND to many networks based on the Open-Nap and Napster protocols. This means MORE USERS and MORE SEARCH RESULTS than other sharing programs. WinMX also supports any file type, allowing you access to a diverse assortment of shared video and picture files as well as the usual MP3 audio files. you can download it here>>


  • My Napster: My-Napster is a community of people devoted to sharing their creativity, information and ideas. My-Napster is now a hybrid, incorporating features of Napster, IRC and Gnutella. We're working on distributing content such as e-Books from Project Gutenberg and Net Films via file-sharing technology. In addition, My-Napster is actively pursuing ways to compensate the artists. Our web portal provides a gateway for users to find music, books and information.
  • Napigator: is a free navigator to nap servers. It is your exclusive guide to finding the Internet audio you want. Napigator works side-by-side with your favourite Windows nap client, giving you an up-to-the-minute status of all nap servers, including the new and openly free Opennap Network, and the popular Napster Network. Napigator lets you see real-time server statistics and ping times, allowing you to choose which server you connect to based on the number of users, files, gigabytes, and network lag.
  • Bear Share: Bear Share is an exciting new Windows file sharing program from Free Peers, Inc. that lets you, your friends, and everyone in the world share files! Built on Gnutella technology, Bear Share provides a simple, easy to use interface combined with a powerful connection and search engine that puts thousands of different files in easy reach! Best of all, BearShare is FREE! Download Bear Share now!


File Sharing Tools: 
  • iMesh is the last of the original file-sharing networks. iMesh made its mark when CuteMX, Scour and Napster were the big names in file-sharing. Despite the downfall of these networks, the Israeli based company has managed to prosper during file-sharings darkest hours. iMesh's strength comes from its impressive user base of approximately 100,000 users and simultaneous download capability (among the first to support this feature). Although this Napster-like network has been requested to block copyrighted material, search queries are usually very successful. The downfall with iMesh is the installation of spyware (yuck). However, since the release of version 3.0, iMesh is much more stable. Some of the changes to iMesh include: bitrate display, a windows XP type interface and new chat feature. With iMesh you choose the files you want to download and share. The iMesh unique technology lets you download your files from several users at the same time. When you disconnect from the Internet or close the iMesh application, all your partially downloaded files are saved, to be resumed from the exact place they stopped next time you connect.

  • Napster The best known file sharing protocol will be back with the launch of their new membership service early next year. While they had hoped to restore transfers in the current service, the realities of developing new technology have forced them to focus all their energy on building the new membership service. Napster are not live at the time of writing but many others are.


  Gnutella lists are here>>




BitTorrent, is a protocol designed for transferring files, developed in 2001 by Bram Cohen,  and speeds file transfers by segmenting the content and downloading parts from multiple users according to who offers the fattest download pipes to your machine. As you receive a file, so other BitTorrent users are able to grab it from you in the same way. The idea is to ensure a more even sharing of bandwidth between participants. It is peer-to-peer in nature, but users connect to each other directly to send and receive portions of the file.

The central server which coordinates the action of all such peers is called a tracker. The tracker only manages connections, it does not have any knowledge of the contents of the files being distributed, and therefore a large number of users can be supported with relatively limited tracker bandwidth.
The key philosophy of BitTorrent is that users should upload (transmit outbound) at the same time they are downloading (receiving inbound.) In this manner, network bandwidth is utilized as efficiently as possible.

BitTorrent is designed to work better as the number of people interested in a certain file increases, in contrast to other file transfer protocols which get slower.

How to use BitTorrent

How to create a Torrent

How to optimize your BitTorrent Client settings

How to improve your BitTorrent download speed


  • DIVX Crawler  is the best and most reliable source for Direct Download Movies. Here you find quality DivX downloads such as software, movies, music videos and more. Our movie collection is updated on daily basis and any dead links are removed within 24 hours, guaranteeing you a user friendly and reliable browsing experience. We offer many downloads for the general public to use, for members however we offer a more reliable service with daily updated fresh content and a members area which comes accompanied by our award winning 7 day/week, 12 hours response Support Department.
  •  Azureus offers multiple torrent downloads, queuing/priority systems (on torrents and files), start/stop seeding options and instant access to numerous pieces of information about your torrents. Azureus now features an embedded tracker easily set up and ready to use.
  • Bittornado is another excellent product for downloading bitTorrent files
  • Bit conjurer is Bram Cohen, the author of BitTorrent, main site. He supplies his own program, Bittorent.exe as the download engine. It is similar to Bittornado but more basic. He has an excellent FAQ here>>. and here>>
  • Bittorent Sites is an excellent link site for Bittorrent files, but watch out for pop-ups.
  • Defiant is a news site dedicated to bittorrent. There are tools, links and loads of information. A very good start site.


  • uTorrent is a superb torrent download agent. It hogs few resources and is simple to use. It is favoured by many torrent downloader's including me.


  • Torrenz is a superb search engine for Torrents. It covers many sites seeking out the torrents easily for you.
  • BT Engine has no download ability,but it is a professional tool set for BitTorrent download optimization.The computer optimized via BT Engine will improve its speed of connection while downloading.Meanwhile accelerate the speed to find more seeds and immediately connected to them.Generally,BT Engine can expedite speed to 100% more than usual.
  • Bi-Torrent is an excellent search engine for Torrents. This is the one used by Divx Crawler. This is a Suprnova Mirror.
  • BT Bot is a popular and fast growing search engine for bittorrents, ringtones for cell phones, friends and extraterrestrial intelligence. We are a small and dynamic company which was funded in May 2004 and which started with a simple bittorrent file search. Since that time several new services (of course all services deal with searching) were added but the bittorrent search is still the most popular service. We provide our users with simple and clean search interfaces and very fast responses. For example, a bittorrent search takes less than 0.2 seconds in average.
  • Curiosity is Bliss is Julien Couvreur's programming blog and more. It offers some help with bittorrents and their search engines.
  • How to use Bittorrent is a basic guide with illustrations on using BitTorrent. A good guide but offering Russian brides again.
  • Torrent Search is one of the latest and most updated search engines for the BitTorrent network. You can choose to use the FREE websearch or checkout the PRO client, which is much more comfortable and adfree. This one is great.
  • Torrent Mind is a Forum site discussing everything about Torrents. You have to register with a working email you will not be accepted unless you press the validation link in the mail you get from TM, to be able to browse and upload torrent. After one post, you can change your title into something personal. Any and all configurations you do under My Controls at the top right of the forum. There you upload avatars, set Quick-Reply box on if you wish to have that, and so on.


Codec Sites and information
  • Update XP is a very "in-depth" site mastered by Marc Liron - Microsoft MVP In Digital Media. Here you will find downloads and information in a very well presented way. There is also an e-mail service and an E-Book on the registry that is worth a look. Visit here before you download and install codec's.
Codec Sites and information
  •  Edskes Codeks is the download site for QuickTime alternatives, Real Player alternatives, BL Player and codeks for most video formats from  can be found here>>. Watch out you don't also get a Russian bride with the codec's. Go past this header for the real software.
    This is also a superb site to download Kazaa, Win RAR, E-Mule, and loads of other software. The Mega Codek site is here>>
  • Softpedia is an excellent resource for codec's, games, drivers and much more. The MPEG2 codec from Stinky is also here. The K-Lite mega codec's can also be downloaded from here. Alltogether a great site. Also here is a great DVD to AVI and any other video converter.

It is still possible to use file sharing without the "Napster P2P method", by using the FTP (file transfer protocol) with such programs as WS-FTP and Terrapin (my choice). These are the same programs that you use to upload web pages.
This method is legal and here are a few FTP sites to try.

  • Bit Beamer is an Internet file transfer application and handles a large number of tasks:
    It's a fully featured FTP Client and a Download Manager that integrates into your Web Browser.
    If you are a user of Leech FTP, you will feel familiar with Bit Beamer, it follows the same principle of queued multithreaded file transfer. Bit Beamer is very easy to use, for beginners there are Assistants that guide you through the process of File Download, File Upload and Directory Synchronization.
    Advanced users will find a large number of functions that the average user hardly ever needs.
  • The free net project  Freenet is a large-scale peer-Freenet is a large-scale peer-to-peer network which pools the power of member computers around the world to-peer network which pools the power of member computers around the world to create a massive virtual information store open to anyone to freely publish or view information of all kinds. Freenet is:

  • Highly survivable: All internal processes are completely anonymous and decentralized across the global network, making it virtually impossible for an attacker to destroy information or take control of the system.
  • Private: Freenet makes it extremely difficult for anyone to spy on the information that you are viewing, publishing, or storing.
  • Secure: Information stored in Freenet is protected by strong cryptography against malicious tampering or counterfeiting.
  • Efficient: Freenet dynamically replicates and relocates information in response to demand to provide efficient service and minimal bandwidth usage regardless of load. Significantly, Freenet generally requires log(n) time to retrieve a piece of information in a network of size n.
  • The best known MP3 download site. is dedicated to giving consumers music when they want it and where they want it, using any web-enabled device. Its web site hosts one of the largest collections of digital music available on the Internet, with more than 1 million song and audio files posted from tens of thousands of digital artists and record labels.
  • Get Music: We at GetMusic understand the power of music and your passion for it, because just like you, we're fans. That's why we're dedicated to bringing you as close as possible to the music, the artists and the lifestyle you love through our vast array of rich content and programming that can't be found anywhere else. Whether it's Beverly Sills or Britney Spears, Alan Jackson or OutKast, Lionel Richie or Limp Bizkit, GetMusic's got something for everyone.
  • E-Music: A revolutionary way of discovering and acquiring music! We're the only true MP3 service. Our professionally encoded MP3s can be burned to CD or transferred to an MP3 player. It's simple. One low monthly fee gives you unlimited access to explore and download 180,000 songs and 16,000 albums from 9,000 artists. Artists get paid for every download.
  • Blubster is the new way to share music over the internet. With a decentralized design, we aim to create an online community for safely sharing and downloading your favourite music.
  • All Music Search: This is the site to find the right title and the right artist for file download. Spelling is absolutely vital when looking for database music. This site gets that information for you. This is an excellent site. Similar sites mentioned elsewhere are All game guide and All movie search.
  • GraceNote: Grace note's signature CDDB® Music Recognition ServiceTM is the industry standard. It is the largest online database of audio CD and song titles in the world and is accessed by over 28,000,000 unique users each month. CDDB is licensed by over 1,300 developers, including industry leaders such as AOL/ Winamp, MusicMatch, Kenwood, Real Networks and Creative Labs. Click here for links to applications using the latest version of this service.
  • Audio Galaxy: Find the tracks you want with this excellent search tool.



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