This is one of the  three biggest parts of my site titled Interesting Sites. It is true that what interests me might well not interest you however it cant be denied there is something for everyone here. From TV an Radio to magazines and health matters. 

The map section is especially useful as we all use A-Z books at some time. Here you can use a post code to find anywhere in Britain, there is even a post code site if you haven't got that information. Northumberland (my home) is well covered as ids Lancashire (my second home). Overall this is a good browsing area with some excellent places to visit and help on finding them.

I am especially interested in the last world war so there is a large section covering this conflict and especially the soldiers who fought and the equipment they used. There are areas for books and the sites that support the ex-servicemen.  Finally there are also links to other specialist sites so you can continue your study further.

Health is an obsession in the UK so I have devoted a special area to it. The on-line NHS site is here as well. This is a government site that is designed to alleviate some of the minor problems reaching hospital. You can get diagnosis on-line so you can be more sure if a doctors visit is necessary. I have also sites covering insomnia, first aid and a basic sex education site. There is something for everyone here.

Here you can access on-line weather from several sites. The links are set to the north East of England however it is a simple matter to change any of them. The main TV sites offering all the content they broadcast, such as satellite pictures and multi day forecasts. The others are more general  on-line weather sites. 



Radio stations from around the world including the major BBC stations Radio1, Radio2 and Radio4, There are also directories of radio stations broadcasting over the Internet from from all over the world.

  TV stations guides. All the main channels are here plus the excellent Digiguide that give customisable TV listings. Radio times has a great listings section and is also covered.

  Movie sites that not only give trailers of new films but also sites like the I Movie Database. There are also sites hers covering 

 This site is dedicated to health matters. You can contact NHS direct or find out about sleeplessness. There is a superb encyclopaedia and details from Holland and Barrett.

  Listed here are the main computer magazine sites. Here is the place to start when you require an article or site that was featured in a current computer magazine. It must be said that the quality of these sites varies tremendously from basic details of publishing dates right up to superb tools for information and downloads. 

  This is the section of local area interest and street map sites. In the street map section You just type in a  postcode and you will find the street map. Who needs an A-Z now then?. There is also details about my home area and Britain in general plus some amusing "Geordie" sites.

Information on the second world war and the armies that fought it can be found here.

Here are the sites that don't fit into the other leisure categories. Good stuff here.



 This page was last updated on 20/09/05 2001