These are the main computer magazine sites. Here is the place to start when you require an article or site that was featured in a current computer magazine. It must be said that the quality of these sites varies tremendously from basic details of publishing dates right up to superb tools for information and downloads. I have listed many more non computer magazines and papers here>>

  • The .Net Magazine: This is the official site for .net magazine, the voice of the Internet. As well as having all the best bits from the magazine the site now has better navigation and is much easier to use. Plus articles to help you build your own site in the Web builder section and useful tips to help you make full advantage of your time on-line. The old magazine The Net is now part of this company.

  • PC Answers: This is one of the best computer sites around. It has forums, tutorials, guides, tips, competitions and an area where you can "ask the experts". It is well set out and mirrors an excellent magazine.

  •  Internet Magazine online, the Web site for the UK's finest publication for serious Net users. Come here for the latest Internet news, reviews, expert advice and much, much more - sign up to our weekly email alert to make sure you don't miss the latest developments...
  • PC Format: Is a primarily a games magazine with an excellent site. You can get downloads, reviews, tests and links all from this site. There are also hardware reviews so its not all games.
  •  PC Plus  Here, you'll find choice selections from PC Plus magazine, including our independent reviews and expert Master-classes. PC Plus has been giving you the low-down on the best hardware and software for the past fifteen years. This is an excellent site and an excellent magazine.
  • Web User:   is the exciting new magazine that helps you get the best from the internet. It's fortnightly, written in plain English and packed full of useful information.
  • Computer Magazine Portal. Well what's not above is definitely here. This excellent listing of all the computer magazines is the only reference you will need, apart from mine of course. It is an old site and some of the magazines are no longer printed but they usually have links to their old site. It is a mine of information.



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