Now that the there is  much faster access to the web Radio  TV and Movie sites are becoming very popular. I have divided this area into three sections. The TV section here and sister pages on Radio. and Movies here. On this section of  you will find all the BBC and ITV channels plus other related sites specialising in the media of Television and radio directories that cover the whole world. 

Main Stream TV: 

you will find all the main television channels here with links to their programs and guides to their schedules.

  • Digital Spy has news and forums on digital TV


  • Digital-TV UK is another excellent site with info on the new digital channels.
  • freeview is the digital television free service web siteFree to view is the new site covering the new free to view digital channels. There is a page covering the various manufacturers here>> courtesy of Freeview.
  • Top Up TV is new to the UK. 10 quality channels that you and your family will love. And quality means quality. E4, Discovery, Cartoon Network. No paying for a pile of channels you never watch. All you need is a compatible digital set top box to receive Top Up TV through your existing TV aerial. The box needs a card slot like the old "On-Digital" ones so they can debit your account.
  • Digital TV Group The future of television is undoubtedly digital, and the early and successful introduction of digital television has been a remarkable technical and commercial achievement. The DTG was set up in the spring of 1995 to take the DVB framework and turn it into a working system within the ambitious timetable for digital terrestrial broadcasting set by the UK government.
  • EveryZing searches media sites like UTUBE for your favourite media, film or audio.

  • UK TV Guide is a web based TV Paper. Get each days listings with information on each program. A really good resource.
  • Bigglethwaites TV Indicator: This is an amazing Television fan site. It lists hundreds of TV programs and gives links to details.  You can link to just about everything TV and is a TV anoraks heaven.
  • Radio Times directory: The magazines web site. This has a superb range of articles with full listings and reviews. A really good television and film site. There is a great section on digital TV listings here>>
  • My Favourite TV Adverts is an award winning site offering videos of the webmasters favourite adverts. It really is a very entertaing site indeed and well worth a visit.
  • Out There: Channel 5's cult TV program. It is always interesting just to see what is really "out there"
  • Sputnik7 Credited as the world's first real-time audio/video Internet entertainment experience, sputnik7 is a broadcast network offering a sophisticated mix of independent music, film, and anime programming via interactive Video Stations, Audio Stations, Videos on Demand, and Digital Downloads.
  • Prime time TV is a dedicated site giving a wealth of inside information on prime time TV
  • On Line Shrine is a superb fan site covering athletes, actors, actresses and musicians. A good "pop in" site.
  • Digital Spy offers information on the digital TV revolution. There are forums, TV listings info on the soaps plus much more. A great site for information on all things digital.
  • Kustom PC's digital TV area is a great source of information and equipment to buy on-line.
  • The Discovery Channel well known for its programming on cable and satellite launched a broadband service for the U.K. audience. Discovery Broadband seems to be an excellent example of what broadband can do and is fuelling the trend for more companies to provide broadband content on-line in what one could describe as 'viewable' quality as opposed to staggering images than we are all used to. The programming is offered both on a pay-per-view and subscription basis to allow viewers to select what option suits them best.


TV On- Line


  • My Space is world famous. Anyone can get on line with tghios excellent service.
  • Pimp My Space is a site dediocated to enhancing the my space experience. Good to visit if you use the service.
TV On- Line
  • WWI TV is an excellent poretal to find TV on the web around the world. Over 2200 stations to choose from including web cams. Excellent to browse.



Beeline TV
gives another excellent starting point for Internet TV.

  • On You Tube alone, there are currently at least 268 videos using this song! ... Record video from your WebCam directly to YouTube! No upload required. A great site!
TV Cards and software
  • Nebula DigiTV is a superb card for Digital TV input. There are two versions, PCI and USB. The PCI card offers similar digital output to the Black Gold unit but also has a video pass through as a bonus. This card offers many other advantages such as hard disk recording and time shift recording. The on-line help section is especially good and can be viewed here>> with the updates for software downloads here>> Tel 01689 897 090. You can actually speak to a technical support operative as well and I must say the quality and friendliness of this support is superb rating Five stars out of five. You can also use Digi Guide as the EPG Programming with DTV Record as the link software. (see below). While the BETA is being offered it is available here>>
  • DTV Record is a superb program that offers timed recording using the Nebula Digi TV card and Digi Guide. This is a really excellent solution to EPG programming. You only need to "right click" on the program in Digi-guide and DTV takes care of the rest. It has never missed a program which cannot be said for all the competition. Well recommended!
  • Digiguide: This is an excellent customisable TV listing guide. There is also a program that you can have on your computer giving all the TV schedules every day. It is an excellent site and an excellent program. There are several people making add-on programs for Digiguide. One of the best is Mike Derbyshire here>>>
TV Cards and software
  • MyHTPC
  •   is a highly customizable, menu driven front end that allows you, among other things, to launch external programs, browse pictures and large collections of almost any type of media stored on your computer.
    MyHTPC is extremely flexible and allows you to easily build nested menu structures that can accomplish many tasks. Its large, clear display makes it perfect for large monitors or TV sets.
    Although MyHTPC is targeted at Home Theatre Personal Computer users, it can serve many purposes. For example, it can be used to build a simple menu for children to access their programs. It can also work very well with kiosk and touch-screen applications. Best of all, MyHTPC is free.
    There is a Plugins page here>> A Manual is available here>>, an FTP here>> and a forum here>>. A great product and a great site.
  • GDI Black Gold is another computer PCI card that enables you to receive Freeview digital channels on your PC. It uses Digiguide as its electronic programming so that is very comprehensive indeed. Technical support is a little lacking however so it comes second in my book to the Nebula card.
  • DABDig is the second program I found offering TV card recording using Digi Guide. DABDig is a small and simple application that allows supported devices to be programmed to record by using dynamically updated listings from DigiGuide or other systems that can drive external programs via command-line such as MyHTPC.


  • Law and Order FAQ is all you need to know about the popular crime series from the USA
  • EP Guides offers information on various TV series and lists details of their episodes.
    It contains Episode Lists for over 3300 TV shows. Each list displays only titles and airdates, but in most cases the episode title is a link to the page for that episode at, where there is more information such as guest stars and a plot summary. To view a simple guide with this information for all episodes, click the blue "Printable Episode Guide" box on the list page.
  • TV.Com gives much info on TV programs (mostly USA)
  • TV Cards Online is a superb site covering all the news and information on the TV and Digital TV cards. There is an excellent forum here>> that answers you TV card related problems, plus a section on Nebula here>>
  • Digital Broadcasting Australia offers all the latest information on digital TV in Australia. There is also good information for the rest of the world so it is well worth a visit.
  • AV Forums offer a large variety of forums on many DV related subjects from DVD to Speakers. The site for Nebula discussions can be found here>>
  • Sudhian offer a superb forum on the Nebula Digi TV products. The link leads to page 61 as this was the last page at the time of writing (Jun 2004). Check this out when you visit.
  • Digital Spy Forums In May 2001, Digital Spy merged the news operations of the "digiNEWS Network" of websites to provide a single, authoritative source for digital media and entertainment news in the United Kingdom. Digital Spy has built on the strengths of the five original sites to offer an unparalled news service combining news affecting the digital TV delivery platforms with the latest showbiz and entertainment developments.



Foreign TV Foreign TV



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