Now that the there is  much faster access to the web,  radio,  TV and Movie sites are becoming very popular. I have divided this area into three sections. The movie section is here and sister pages on Radio. and on Television are available elsewhere. On this section of  you will find many sites here with various movie themes, all are definitely interesting sites. I would like to add more so if you have a favourite please send me  the details.


  • Atticism Films is a collaborative project first conceived when its founders Stephen Robertson and John Hickman met whilst studying Animation in Wolverhampton. Not wanting their creative abilities to become stifled, they decided to go it alone and form their own studio set in the picturesque seaside town of Whitley Bay near Newcastle. Though their hearts lie in animation, future projects in film and music recording as well as a healthy and productive interest in writing ensure that when it comes to creative output they are certainly not one dimensional.

  • News Player: Now you can re-live the events of the past hundred years, witness them at first hand as they happened. Newsplayer brings you video footage of music, fashion, art, lifestyle, sport, crime, royalty, weather, showbiz, wildlife, transport, science and war. All live and uncut. At the click of the mouse you can summon up Stalin to Stallone, Hitler to Hitchcock, Eden to Elvis, Churchill to Chaplin.
  • All Movie Search: This is the site similar to All Music Search and All Game Guide,  It finds movies, artists and trivia. An excellent site to browse. It is a detailed reference source for a wide variety of movie and film-related terms written by experts in the field
  • Slipups The term "Slip-Up", as we use it here, means any amusing accidental blooper or mistake that wasn't caught, and made its way to the viewing public. They can be inconsistencies in movies, like an actor wearing something in one shot, and it's missing in the next shot. Or they can be funny errors in books. If it's a Slip-Up that is entertaining, accidental, and in a popular medium where others can see the Slip-Up for themselves, we want it posted in this archive.

  • Classic Comedy Free downloads of some of the greatest comedy clips of all time. The Bumblies, Pottytime, Squareworld... even the Goons all available for free download. A really superb site with many items to bring back great memories. Worth a visit and a long.. LONG...Browse!!
  • Movie Mistakes This superb site catalogues and shows movie mistakes of all kinds. If there was an out take it should be here. Great entertainment.
  • Anime Info is an excellent database of anime movies. You can search by title and get info on the movies. A great site.


  • Atom Films: This is an excellent site with hundreds of on line shockwave films. There is an adult section so please tread carefully, otherwise it is a superb and interesting site. 
  • Exposure Ever dreamt of making a movie? Now you can! Everything you need to know to get started shooting your film.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Created by movie-buff Senh Duong in 1998, Rotten Tomatoes has grown to become a premier destination for both casual movie-goers and film buffs alike.
  • IMDB: This is the Internet Movie Database, prepare yourself for the biggest, best, most award-winning movie site on the planet. First time user? Roll up your sleeves and click here.
  • 'Dark Horizons'  Has become one of the hottest sites around to find out the latest news, images, clips and reviews of all the current and upcoming blockbuster films. Also included are some great episode guides to your favourite cult TV shows, as well as a weekly breakdown of films and shows screening in the US, the UK and Australia. 
  • Blackstar is an excellent UK movie site. Tons to explore and a great Buffy section.
  • E-Online for all the gossip on the movie stars.
  • Film.Com is no longer in production but the archive is still here as of May 2002.
Broadband ready sites
  • Media Trip brings you exclusive animated movies from the cream of on-line talent. You will spot familiar names such as "Frasier's" Kelsey Grammer doing the scripts.
  • NME The on-line version of the "music bible" gives interviews, videos and all the gossip.
  • WWITV Enables you to watch obscure TV stations from around the world.
  • Launch With over 8000 videos to choose from this is one of the best music video sites on the net.
  • Hot Concerts brings you full length concerts from many excellent artists.
  • IFilm an internet movie database

Wallace and Gromit movies at Atom Films. You can download episodes not seen on TV and there is loads of information on the dynamic duo.

  • Windows Media Movies, music, news, reviews and features from the worlds biggest entertainment companies in Bill Gates's quest to become Supreme ruler of the universe.
  • Yahoo Portal is stuffed with broadband goodies movies on demand, TV, and sport footage.
  • My Movies dedicated broadband movie site offering trailers, news and what is hot at the box office
  • Virtue TV is a London broadcasting site. It brings you music videos, comedy and even full length feature films.
  • Quick Time Movies This site is excellent offering trailers (in QuickTime) and reviews on the latest movies.They require the QuickTime plug-in and you can get that here>>. Its worth it! Also the area for "new line films" is here>>
  • YUK YUK Is an interactive cartoon page. Since 1996, San Francisco cartoonist Chad Frick has been entertaining young and old alike with his bizarrely cute characters and humorous fantasy world designs on YUKYUK.COM.
    The unique yukyuk interactive cartoons, viewable with the Macromedia shockwave plug-in were all designed and produced exclusively by Chad.
    Cartoons series such as 'The Beetleboy's Quest', 'Dr. Fingo-Ho's Experiments', 'The Natural Wonders of the World Lecture Series' and the ever-popular interactive dancers have received international critical acclaim and have been featured on websites aimed at both adults and kids.

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