This area covers sites that specialise in technical support and help with the many and varied problems that occur with personal computers.

Being the main supplier of computer operating systems Microsoft have a full page to themselves. They will have the bulk of computer problems directed their way.  In turn this means they also have an abundance of on-line Technical Support sites and most of them can be found here. 

Hi to Graham, Darren Tony and Rob and I hope this site is still useful to you. I need constant updates of new sites please send me  the details of any new ones that you find.

  This area covers the main Microsoft technical support sites. The main operating systems  Windows95/98, ME, NT, Windows 2000. The main links for Microsoft Office and direct links to Microsoft TechNet  site and the Microsoft Knowledge Base. Most problems can be solved here on Microsoft products.  
  This area covers the main independent driver sites. If you need an updated driver start here. Most sites offer searchable databases for ease and together offer an unrivalled source for hardware drivers. This is the most popular area on
   Here you will find special support sites for modems and internet connections. Some are fan club sites all are good. Information on everything from Internet security and Modems to the latest high speed ADSL adapters.  
Added to the Microsoft site ate a further 4 sites covering the technical support theme.  The Manufacturers main technical support sites cover such names as Compaq, Epson, Maxtor and ATI graphics cards. There are less well known ones such as Virtual Access who manufacture superb modems and terminal adapters. 

The Driver download sites are a collection of the best sites specialising in driver updates. As outdated drivers cause so many problems with computers this must be a popular area to visit.  The Internet help area has sites that will cover many internet related problems and the PC help site has a very large selection of sites that offer vast amounts of PC related technical help.

I hope you like my choice of technical support sites and that you will pass the details to any one needing help. Again E-Mail me if you find sites on this topic that I should include.


  Sites that give general technical support on computers. There is a vast amount of technical help available here from tutorials to schematic drawings. This is a great area to browse not only for help with problems but also to get information on everything that is about computers. These sites are mostly run by enthusiasts.
  This area covers the main manufacturers technical sites.  Quantum hard disks, Roneo Alcatel modems,  D-Link network products,  Creative Labs SoundBlaster and speaker products,  Super-Micro motherboards, Xircom modems and cards and many more..
This area is devoted to sites specialising in the new Windows operating system Windows XP. Some of these sites are also available on the drivers page and Microsoft specialist page.  As there is such a lot of interest in XP I have brought them all here in a single,  handy area. Any new operating system brings with it several sites devoted especially to it and this is no exception.

 Here you can find information on disc copying and burning. There are tutorials, Forums Software and tech tips. Most of the latest software sites are covered and reviews should help you decide on the best ones for you.

 This page was last updated on 20/09/05 2001