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Microsoft offers an abundance of help. The TechNet site give answers to most Microsoft related problem by using a searchable database. The Knowledge base links site is an independent offering excellent searching of the Microsoft Knowledge base, definitely recommended.  There is also the links for all the major Microsoft products including both the USA and UK tech support sites. Anything that's Microsoft related can be found here. If it cant please send me  the details.


Direct X: Microsoft's site for Direct X technology.
The power of multimedia in Windows, DirectX gives you the best possible experience with graphics, sound, music, and 3-D animation.

Windows Media:.  Home of Windows media and the application. A good browsing site. Top rivals to QuickTime and Real networks. 


      Windows media player 11 beta



  • XP Quick Keys is another great reference from Microsoft giving all the key shortcuts for XP

  • Microsoft Sidewinder: Software and details of the sidewinder joystick and other products are found here.


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