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This area covers the main manufacturers technical sites.  Quantum hard disks, Alcatel modems and ADSL adapters, D-Link network products,  Creative Labs SoundBlaster and speaker products,  Panasonic drives, cards etc.,  Virtual Access modems, Super-Micro motherboards, Xircom modems and cards,  ATI graphics cards,  and Logitech products. All other manufacturers will be added as I get the links.


Maxtor USB One Touch hard drive

Mouse Drivers Keyboard Drivers : Bluetooth :

quantum are the disk drive people
Technical telephone number
00 353 1204 1111

European Support

virtual access for linxpeed and adsl

creative sound cards
See the Audigy2 Z5 here>>
theNX USB is here>>   review here>>

Technical phone: 0207 309 0126 logitech
hewlett packard
panasonic is the home of the PD Drive


Drivers and Software


Technical for RX 700

Antec cases

Europe (Netherlands) +31 10 462 2060
USA 001 510-770-1200


PC Upgrades

  • Crucial are the memory experts plus a whole lot more!

    Cooler Master UK

    Quiet PC If you want to reduce the operating noise your PC makes to barely a whisper, this is the website for you!

  • Crucial Memory How do you know you're getting exactly the right memory for you? As part of Micron, Crucial is the only memory upgrade supplier that's part of a major DRAM manufacturer. We work closely with major computer and motherboard manufacturers to make reliable, high-performing, compatible memory. Good prices and quality RAM.

PC Upgrades

PC Upgrader is an excellent site and has been the source of much of my new equipment.

  • Cables to go is a quality cable supplier of computer and TV cables.

  • This is where I got some excellent high quality cables. The service was excellent too so I heartily recommend them.

  • PC Memory Upgrade is dedicated to memory of all kinds.
    Whether you are looking to boost performance in your old home PC, upgrade your laptop memory, add Flash memory to your camera - or maybe you are looking for the latest high performance RDRAM for Pentium 4 systems or DDR RAM for gaming and overclocking. We have it all!

PC Upgrades

Halcyonics for the right products for a very quiet PC

Kustom PC is another excellent source for PC upgrade items such as cables.

overclock is the home of computer overclocking and upgrading
Overclock UK
Cables processors, lights, memory,  everything to upgrade your PC.

Overclockers UK have built an enviable reputation over the last 5 years as the leading supplier of performance computer hardware in Europe. Every item is carefully selected for its specification, reliability and good looks to give you complete confidence when ordering.

BIOS Sites

  • RED HAT this is the alternative to Microsoft "Linux. This is the official site with downloads and links.


  • ZyXel manufacture excellent ADSL routers, hubs, switches and many other products.

Panasonic PD-Drive information

Teak Drive Information

  • DVW-50D Multi format DVD-RW drive




LG 4040B Multidrive
  • Manual

  • Drivers

  • Warp2search gives news reviews and general help on most computer related subjects. There are firums too keeping you up to date on the latest on windows etc.

  • Rage 3D Rage3D is the largest ATI support community and website on the internet. It all started in the summer of 1998 when two avid 3D hardware enthusiasts, wanted to further their knowledge and in doing so help other users. In July of that year, they decided to start up an ATI-centric webpage.

Motherboard Contacts Motherboard Contacts



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