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Most computer related problems occur because of out-dated drivers. These drivers can usually be found on the individual hardware manufacturers sites outlined on the dedicated page found here>> 

Over the years many specialised sites have been launched giving direct access to all the main manufacturers  sites and their updated driver lists. Some sites are superb, some are excellent, but all are good. Please let me know of any sites that you find that are not on this list. I will add them and this in turn will help others who may be desperate for that one driver found no where else. This area needs your input. Please let me know of any support site that would help others and should be added here please send me  the details.

  • Win Drivers  is the best known of the driver sites and most drivers are available here.  There were other driver sites but either they didn't carry a comprehensive selection, Win drivers is intended to be the solution. The only problem now is you have to pay and this needs to be taken into account. There are other sites here that will probably cover most if not all the drivers you require.
  • Windows Drivers is a superb site set out like a windows desk top. Easy to navigate. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!  


  • Most driver resource sites on the web are charging a monthly or yearly amount of money so you are able to download their drivers. Downloading drivers at Driver Files is 100% free, they won't charge you a penny! However they do encourage you to donate a couple of bucks to the driver up-loaders to motivate more future uploading. This is a well set out site and worth a try for that elusive driver.
  • Driver Zone is a very well set out site for device drivers of all kinds. Add search functionality to your browser. Ready to buy some new hardware? Check out our review section to see what others are saying. We have just started it, but our Guide Section will have lots of informative articles soon. Looking for an obsolete or hard-to-find drivers  then look in our driver archive. It's small, but our utility section has some neat utilities. Not sure who made your component? If you have the FCC number from it, then look up the manufacture here. Still can't find that driver? Then try our message board. SUPERB!!!
  • Driver detective "if you cannot find a driver you will find it here"  is the message on the drivers HQ site. They also give advice by e-mail and offer full information on how to install a driver. 
  • Printer Drivers does just that, find about every printer driver here. Citizen, Epson, Mannesmann, Fujitsu, they are all well represented here. A great printer driver site. This is the main printer only site on the web.

    Note! This site has disappeared from the Internet. I have used the excellent information that was on there and it can be found here >>

  • Driver Guide Let's face it, finding the right device driver can be a tedious, time consuming, often impossible task! The Driver Guide was created to make finding driver updates a whole lot easier.
  • Help Drivers  It says its the most complete compilation of drivers on the web. What it is, is an excellent site with an easy to follow front end with news, forums and easy to follow links.
    The data base is updated daily and has the largest collection of drivers on the Internet. The site content is available in Spanish, English, French and German, making it even easier for visitors to find the information they seek.
  • Boot disk. If you have ever needed that boot disk that you should have made on installation then despair no more! Boot disk is the site where you can download the files necessary. A great site that is worth its weight in gold.
  • Driver Forum Are you searching for a driver? Then this is right place!  They  have created this site to allow driver hunters such as yourself to ask about, discuss, and share device drivers of all types. Please dive right in with your questions (and of course answers if you have them!). This site is a discussion forum rather than the usual download site. A different type of site but very good all the same. 
Drivers Planet is a very well organised site with a great selection of drivers of every kind. Their  goal is to offer access to PC and other systems device drivers  - for free. 
 This web site not only directs you to the drivers page of manufacturer, but also offers a direct link for most models so you can download without even going to manufacturer's site.
  • Totally Drivers was originally a site solely dedicated to helping computer users find drivers. It now encompass a wide range of support for computer owners. Drivers are still the foundation of Totally drivers; however, today the site has a large number of resources to help make maintaining the PC an easier experience.
  • Drivers Heaven came into development, with the added intention of being a support forum for the highly acclaimed third party driver sets from Omegadrive and Cyborg. This is an excellent form based site and well worth a visit.
  • S3 Graphics Zone To download you need the standard user=archive password=archive. Good range of drivers here. Try here if the main site is busy.
  • Guru 3D is THE site for NVIDIA, ATI 3DFX and VIA drivers. Worth a visit to catch up on all the latest IT gossip.
  • Serverfiles is a superb source for networking drivers, patches and fixes. The site was previously known as previously and has been completely re-vamped and refocused as a Server software directory for Network administrators & IT professionals. We list networking & server software for Windows 2003, Windows 2000 & NT. is significantly different from other download/software sites in that it does not focus on single user software.
  • Drivers On Line:  We’ll find the right software to match your hardware! Use our fast and easy Driver Wizard software to locate the right drivers for your hardware within seconds. Enter the word (s) you wish to find separated by a space. It can be an FCC ID, PCI Vendor, Plug n Play identifier, model number, part of a file name or description, or anything else. They have personally checked drivers for 4300 devices from 670 vendors. That's 1 117 593 664 bytes of drivers in 12 396 files. All files are stored on their servers, so you will not get any dead links.
  • Paco's Drivers This site is constantly nadding more device drivers, while adding additional content as well. One of our latest additions is a dll library. If you have a lost or corrupt dll, you may just find it here. There is a good set of tutorials to point you in the right direction on many computer subjects. If you are interested in learning web development there is a rapidly growing area covering many aspects, ranging from basic html to development of web applications.
  • Old Versions of programs are often needed as the new ones won't run. This site fills that need.
  • Software Patch is an absolutely fabulous site. It has software patches and updates for all the main Windows versions plus for many other software packages. The patches on this site have been categorised according to the type of software to which they will be applied. For example, to download a patch for Windows XP or Windows 2000, click the Windows button. The updates will appear sorted by operating system or company.
Device Drivers Network


Device Drivers Network


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