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This area is devoted to sites that offer help, training and technical support on line. They vary from dictionary definitions of computer terms to full hardware technical support. Try them out and in you read about or find a really helpful site please send me  the details.  



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  • AAA Computers have an excellent tips and help page here. There are also links to their recommended tools and registry tweaks. A good site.

  • Active Windows Network The Active Network was born on August 25, 1997 for the first time as a small hobby to provide the best information about Microsoft’s newly released Internet Explorer 3. Our gem (this site)  is the result of the conversion of the original website into roughly what you see today.
    With the goal of providing the latest Microsoft company news, information, downloads, reviews, drivers, tips, support, software/hardware news, FAQs and much more this site was able to attract loyal viewers which ensure the prosperity and growth of this network.

  • Arstechnica  serves up the best multi-OS, PC hardware, and tech coverage possible while remembering what we're all about: having fun, being productive, and being as informative and as accurate as possible.  We're confident that we can provide you with the tools and info you need to have a truly great PC experience without sending you off to spend 2 weeks to try and get your modem to work.

  • Axcel 216 windows help pages. This site is huge... over 100 pages [with 1000+ ©tricks] and counting.
    So you need to take a break from whatever you were doing, brew a fresh coffee pot, fill up your XL mug [but don't spill it on your keyboard ;)], kick back, relax, and only after that, dig in, 1 tip at a time.
    All these steps must be performed in this exact order for maximum comfort. :-)

  • Bios Optimisation pages at Adrian Rojak's web site are very comprehensive and offer excellent explanations of the various bios settings. The latest version 8.0 is on the new web site. Here you can also find many other useful tips and information and for a very low subscription (£1.00 per month) you get access to the full and detailed professional version of the guide. The old site offers a downloadable version up to V6.5 here>>

  •  Bios Upgrades We are the world's oldest and largest provider of BIOS Upgrades with over 10 years of unparalleled excellence in the industry. Not only are we the oldest and largest BIOS Upgrade Company, but we are also the exclusive authorised BIOS upgrade company and support centre for Award BIOS

  • Boot disk. If you have ever needed that boot disk that you should have made on installation then despair no more! Boot disk is the site where you can download the files necessary. A great site that is worth its weight in gold.
  • Bob Cerellis Windows Support Page. The main goal of this site is to provide clear, accurate and easy to understand information regarding Windows95/98/ME/2000/XP. It is the longest running, advertising free, Windows site on the Internet. You will find no banner ads, other logos, or pop-up windows while you explore this site.
  • Build a silent PC Ever wondered how? Here's how!
  • Create Windows is the a god site but very plain to look at. There are quite a few nice applets to download and some good advice on windows. Worth a visit

  • Click X3 is THE site for help in computer certification.

  • Cert.Org is a center of Internet security expertise, at the Software Engineering Institute, a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University. We study Internet security vulnerabilities, handle computer security incidents, publish security alerts, research long-term changes in networked systems, and develop information and training to help you improve security at your site.

  • Cyberwalker is a great help site. It covers new users, connections, memory compatibility, tips and problem solving. Well worth a visit for technical help.

  • CEXX Spam and how to stop it. Just one of many helpful areas of this superb site. Getting rid of junk mail and spyware are areas also covered here. VISIT its a must!
  • Copy-Move-Paste here are the keyboard commands to do these simple commands.
  • CGS Security Data Recovery is a vital part of computing. Here are the tools and information for data and password recovery plus data security. A very good site that covers its subject well.
  • Crucial memory. This excellent memory site also has a memory tester button that will scxan your computer and tell the correct memory you have and what to upgrade. Excellent!!
  • Draytek Virtual Private Networks are a new and exiting area of computing that is rapidly expanding. Information and help can be found here.
  • Doug's Tweak Pages A collection of VB Scripts designed to tweak the various versions of Windows. These VB Script files and utilities are presented "as is". Every effort has been made to ensure that the files work as stated.

  • Digital resource forum  We are a growing tech news and community site. If you would like to register with us, with membership, you will have more privileges while here at The Digital Resource such as posting in our forums, webmail, downloads, reviews, private messaging, and much more! Please, we hope you enjoy your stay!
  • is the source of all those missing DLL files. Everyone has at some time received a pop-up message: "Couldn't find ****.dll" Well folks, your problems are over!
    Here you will find the most common files that are missing from your computer.

  • DLL World Sometimes it is necessary to get one of Windows system files. What's a pity, when you can't run interesting program or favourite game because of "missing DLL file" error! We try to solve such problems for you.

  • Everything USB  is special interest media website focusing on the latest development of Universal Serial Bus technology. In the past two years, it had witnessed the rapid changes USB had brought to the computing industry.

  •  Find Tutorials With simple to use navigational tools and a sophisticated in-house developed site search and cohesive relevancy engine, finding information to meet your requirements in this vast repository website is only a click away.

  • File extensions This site gives all possible file extensions and the program needed to open it. How useful is that? This site is an expansion of the file extension page that used to reside on the Computer Knowledge site.

  • File extension list is another list of the common file extensions that Macintosh and PC users are likely to come across and the applications they are associated with.


  • Over-clocking video and hardware upgrades to be found at the excellent site called pc-extreme. For the 3D card up graders and over-clockers try This is an excellent video card site.

  • The Outlook and Exchange centre from Slipstick Systems currently operates internationally from its home base in Arlington, VA, just outside Washington, DC. Their major activity is researching and solving problems with Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange Server.

  • One Computer Guy The main goal of this site is to provide clear, accurate and easy to understand information regarding Windows95/98/2000/XP

  • PC Hell Everyone has been to PC Hell at one time or another. It's that place you visit when your personal computer is driving you insane with problems, glitches, and so on. To try to soothe the frustration, we'll provide some tips, hints, and troubleshooting remedies to help you get out of PC Hell.

  • PC Review: Finally, after months of waiting PCReview is back on its feet! A great site with reviews forums and many other interesting areas to visit. 

  • PC Mechanic  offers all kinds of help with motherboards memory etc. It is a very useful and comprehensive site.

  • PC TechGuide is a very successful site offering a basic course in PC understanding. It sets out all areas in a clear and descriptive way covering mice, keyboards, speakers as well as motherboards, graphics and monitors. A very good and popular site.

  • PC Pitstop  can help you get your PC in top form -- running fast, stable and secure. PC Pitstop runs diagnostics on your PC to identify things that might help improve performance. The process is fully automated, private and safe. After the diagnostics run, they'll give you tips for improving all kinds of things. Best of all, the service is free!

    Their diagnostic tests are safe, passive evaluations of your system. The test will not change any settings on your PC. As for privacy,they've adopted a stringent policy that protects any personal information you give them.

  • Registry Guide is formerly It is an invaluable tool. Also worth a visit is a site that offers an emergency recovery tool (ERUNT) for NT, XP or Win 2000. There is a great registry compacting tool here as well (NTREGOP)

  • is the biggest and most comprehensive site dealing with that infamous windows registry. Tips, guide and help for all windows versions.

  • Red Hat this is the alternative to Microsoft "Linux. This is the official site with downloads and links.

  • Spin Rite is a superb hard disk diagnostic and recovery tool from Gibson Research. Their site however offers a wealth of information on many other hard disk issues making it an excellent site for "techies" to visit. This is also the site of Shields up another excellent piece of software.

  • gives extensive information on over clocking, Benchmarking and motherboards. A good technical site.
  • Set up a LAN Here you will find all the gen! on setting up a home network.

  • Scanit's Browser security test automatically checks your browser for various security problems. When the test is finished you get a complete report explaining the discovered vulnerabilities, their impact and how to eliminate them

  • Scanning Tips: The purpose is to offer some scanning tips and hints, help with fundamentals and other basic scanning information to help you get the most from your scanner. How it works, for those that want to know.

  • Tony Talks Technical is an excellent help site run by an enthusiast who originally started it as a "blog" site. Loads of info if you search for it.

  • Help to go provides tutorials, e-mail support and chargeable one-to-one help. There are tips on things like Napster and Digital Photography. An interesting site.
  • The Help Pages is a text based series of pages on computing subjects explaining everything from the internet to motherboards. There is also a good download area as well.

  •  Welcome to help-site, your free computer help and support resource centre.You will find many new resources have been added and many pages and links updated.

  • ISA Server is a superb reference site with setup help, FAQ's and general technical support.

  • ISA Toolzz is an excellent site for tools to sort many technical issues and scripts for ISA Servers.

  • ISA tools is another excellent site for ISA Scripts.

  •  Intel Accelerator is a neat tool to speed up any genuine Intel Pentium processor ands memory. This has been recommended by several of the technical magazines as a good way to get a speed increase.

  • Just DL is a forum site giving large amounts of information on Windows and many other products. A good site.

  • KB Alert  One weekend I decided to write a notification service that would alert me when Microsoft published new KB Articles. I mentioned it in passing to a couple of friends, and they thought it would be a great idea to build a website around this service, so was born!

  • Karbos Guide Welcome to Michael Karbo's Online Service. Here you will find a modern online-magazine with more than 500 illustrated articles for the critical reader!

  • Laughin support For newbies or geeks.  Extremely helpful computer tips for everyone

  • Linux Emporium products are cheap Linux CDs (priced at £1.66 to £4.00 each), and official Linux boxed sets but we also offer some BSD versions and a small selection of books. A good site for all things Linux.

  • MCSE World This site has a simple object: to provide the maximum amount of free MCSE knowledge in a format which is easy to access and helpful to the beginner and the practicing professional alike. It provides the most information for two purposes:
    To enable those seeking MCSE and related Microsoft certifications to build the background knowledge base so they can succeed not only in passing certification tests, but also in the workplace world. On this site, "getting the right answer" is not the major object; understanding *why* the answer is right is far more important.
    To assist working IT professionals in Microsoft shops to find the information they need for practical problem-solving. Often a problem, by its very nature, is something outside our immediate experience, and we need to-the-point information quickly in order to solve it. This is a superb site for resources, tweaks and tips

  • Making the most of your PC  is a Future Net Site. It is quite a good site if a little slow. There are links from "making the most of your PC"  to other  Future Magazine areas such as the fabulous PC Answers site mentioned elsewhere on

  • Matrox Forum: This is a very helpful site hosted by Matrox users who ask and answer problems relating to Matrox video card problems. A great site and over the years I have found it very useful indeed.

  • Maximum PC: The Future publishing site with help in every subject.

  •  Motherboards .org is committed to being the most comprehensive information/editorial site about motherboards on the Web. We are confident that you will not find another site that covers the subject in more detail. We also recognize that there is much more data that we can provide, and this is exactly what we spend our time doing. Gathering and publishing information for all to share and finding ways to present that data in an easy to find and use format. See also the motherboard main sites here>> .

  • New Order gives plenty of advice about Avoid the hackers an excellent site for computer networking enthusiasts.
  • Newbies and Nitwits WHEN you're feeling your way around a PC and the Internet it will either be slow and painful - or a pleasure. Our aim is to steer you onto the fun route with informative, yet easy to understand, articles and tips. Nervous newbies will relate to this 'support group' because no matter how frustrated or confused you feel, you are not alone! 

  • New York Technofile Articles, reviews, essays and advice on computers, software and consumer technology By Al Fasoldt

  • Norton Ghost Radified is really the most extensive site offering help and guidance using Norton or Symantec Ghost. The tutorials should give no excuse to get it right first time. A superb site VISIT NOW!

  • Tweakfiles is no more but many of the excellent utilities that it hosted are available for download here.

  • Tech support comedy

  • This is one for the technical support boys. Some of the funniest tech support calls are logged here. A good fun site.
  • Tech 24 offers vast amounts of information stored in several areas. You can find information on Linux, Digital cameras as well as the Internet multimedia and games.   

  • Troubleshooter Resources to help you troubleshoot personal computer problems, whether you're a beginner or an expert. Tips, techniques and reference for diagnosing and resolving conflicts and other problems with hardware, Windows, Microsoft software and more.

  • Technick: This is a site recommended by a magazine and offers large amounts of data on computers. It specialises on "PIN-OUT" information and has the largest database on this subject on the Internet. contains not only pin-out diagrams but various electronic/PC/hardware resources.

  • Tech Asylum gives excellent product reviews and tips. A good site for information.

  • Tech Support Alert: Learn how perform common tech support tasks yourself with these practical how-to guides. Get everything you need to know about support in a single source. 

  • Tweak 3D is a different type of hardware site. Like most other hardware sites, we review products, post news, and write articles about the industry. However, we also post new articles almost daily (when we're not too busy) on making PCs run better, which accounts for the massive growth (over 600% since January 1999) we've experienced.

  • Tweak Town is an excellent site for tweaks and tips.

  • Ref Desk is an excellent reference site for computer related problems. An excellent all round reference site.

  • World of Windows networking The owner of this site started to answer questions posted by others. But to avoid to have to type again-and-again the same answers (and some answers can be quite lengthy), he decided to put some hints and procedures up on his website. The result is a very comprehensive site covering vast amounts of gen. on networking. Try this>> for the event viewer and how to use it.
    There is also a mirror site here>> if the first is busy. Excellent site!

  • Windows BBS is a superb forum for windows information and technical support.

  • Win Planet is more a general download and tips site. There are pages here on Windows XP and Office XP. Overall it offers a very good help site well indexed. You could spend many hours browsing here.

  • Windows annoyances   gives help on all Windows programs, operating a message board for you to participate in. A book is also now available. 


Tutorial and Journals

  • Langa List is the site that gives air to Fred Langa's PC information. There are many superb articles here and the opportunity to subscribe to his spam free e-mail list by clicking on the left hand side logo. A very good site for computer enthusiasts.

  • Information Week gives up to date information on the computer industry. A great read!

  • ITP Journals offers information and CD's (to purchase) on a variety of technical support issues.


  • Tutorialized is a really excellent tutorial site on dozens of software programs. It really is a great site to help you understand your software.
  • Neon Films produce short films, training videos and promotional videos. The new Premiere Pro Training Guide for Beginners on DVD is the latest member of "The Training Guide" family. The Premiere Pro for Beginners DVD covers all the basic areas required to edit your first project with this powerful software. Priced at £19 + VAT this DVD is a must have for anyone wishing to learn Premiere.




Tutorial and Journals

  • On line computer dictionary is a searchable dictionary of acronyms, jargon, programming languages, tools, architecture, operating systems, networking, theory, conventions, standards, mathematics, telecoms, electronics, institutions, companies, projects, products, history, in fact anything to do with computing. UK version is here>>

  • Webopedia  is in their words " The only online dictionary and search engine you need for computer and Internet technology"  it does what it says and its really good!!

  • Whatis?com is an on line encyclopaedia of all manner of computer related items and phrases



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